Style Coach

Style is the way to say who you are without saying anything.

Free 15 minute consultation


Embarking on a styling journey should never feel like stepping into the unknown. That’s why I offer a complimentary 15-minute consultation for all my services.

This initial chat provides us both an opportunity to explore your styling needs, identify key areas for development, and ascertain how I can best assist you.

It’s the perfect no-obligation way to get acquainted and set the course for a transformative styling experience.

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Personal Style  Experience


Reclaim your time without compromising on style. My revamped Personal Styling Session is a focused 1-hour engagement tailored to offer personalised style insights. I will assess your style and unique personality traits whether we meet in your home or virtually. The goal? To understand what makes you authentically you and how your wardrobe can be a platform for self-expression.


Post-session, expect a personalised style pack to land in your inbox. This indispensable guide will be filled with tailored tips and tricks designed to inspire you with ‘wardrobe heroes’ that suit your style, colour, and body shape DNA.


Personal Styling Experience – 1 Hour + Style DNA Package – £ 150.00


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The Wardrobe Audit & Overhaul


Working through your wardrobe, I will show you which pieces work well for your body shape and style personality.

I will explain how the remaining pieces will form daily outfits.

You will be provided with a list of pieces to complement your existing wardrobe and a complimentary mood board that will visually break those items down.

During my visit, photographs of the outfits put together with the pieces in your wardrobe can be taken. These will also be sent to you with the mood board.

I will give ideas on how to sort your existing wardrobe during this experience, making it more serviceable and enjoyable to dress daily.


  •  To dress for your body shape, style personality, and know which colour compliments your skin tone.
  • To purchase items that will enhance your wardrobe instead of cluttering it.
  • To feel more confident in your clothes.
  • To have a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle and makes dressing every morning a pleasure.
  • Looking in the mirror will now give you the smile you so deserve.


£ 240.00 for three hours.

Additional time after the 3 hours will be charged at £60 per hour.


Online Shopping Experience


This process includes gathering information, establishing the client’s brief via a telephone/zoom call, and completing a client questionnaire.

Once we have decided which package you require, whether Capsule Wardrobe Pieces, Evening/Event Outfits or even a holiday capsule wardrobe, I will put together mood boards showing the pieces as outfits and the links to purchase each item.


a bespoke style board will be sent to you, the client, including Brand, Price and links. The design and product details will depend on you, the client’s shopping specifications. 

So, everything can be covered if you want to curate your wardrobe with a conscious collection or create some looks for an event you are attending.


The cost of this experience depends on the requirements. An example would be 15 pieces to create 15 different looks for the workplace = £ 280.00

All services are bespoke. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss this.




Do you fancy doing something different with your girlfriends, like when you were younger, and would you have fun dressing up?

Then maybe a personal styling party would be just the ticket. We can work through a choice of the following:-

  • Body types and your style personalities
  • Colour analysis and how to dress to enhance your skin tone.
  • How to curate your wardrobe to enhance who you are.

This experience would be suitable for a minimum of 5 people.

If you have a group of ladies interested in a styling workshop or an event, please get in touch with me to assemble a proposal that suits your requirements. 


Starting price £ 25.00 per person (minimum of 5) – Maximum time 2 hours.

Radius 10 miles from Birmingham City Centre.


Styling and Personal Branding Workshops for Companies


Your brand extends beyond your CV or LinkedIn profile in today’s fast-paced professional landscape. It’s reflected in how you present yourself day-to-day. My bespoke corporate workshops are tailored to equip your team with the skills to express their authentic selves in a workplace setting, marrying personal style with professional ambition.


  • Dress with Intent: Master the nuanced art of outfit selection, choosing attire that aligns with your career goals while ensuring you feel comfortable and authentic.
  • Etiquette and First Impressions: Understand the impact of grooming essentials—from a well-coiffed hairstyle to expertly applied makeup and crisply pressed clothes. First impressions do last, and every detail counts.
  • Personal Branding Through Style: Harness your wardrobe as an extension of your brand, cultivating a consistent image that dovetails with company culture while allowing room for individual expression.


If individual team members wish to delve deeper into their personal styling journey, one-on-one sessions are available for booking, offering a more personalised approach to aligning personal style with professional presence.


  • Corporate Styling and Personal Branding Workshop – Pricing Available Upon Request

Get in touch to arrange a consultation?