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Welcome to my world of personal styling. Every since I was a child, I loved fashion and styling my wardrobe. So much so that it almost became my career many years ago when I started taking women that had been recommended to me shopping to find new pieces that suited them, their wardrobe and their lifestyle. At that time, I did not have the confidence or the capacity to embrace this passion.

Jump forward a few years and many shared photographs of outfits with friends, I decided to enrol in the London College of Style. Thus gaining the qualifications required to take my passion to another level.

Having already spent the past five years building a support community for women going through menopause both online and locally, I realised that part of that journey was establishing who we are as women. That there are many paths we will walk down in life; some will be full of joy, and others challenging. We are still unique through all of them, and we deserve to know how wonderful we are.

So I am all about championing women, encouraging them to acknowledge how amazing they are through personal style, friendship and nurturing.

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