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I am Sarah, a certified personal stylist and colour consultant trained by the prestigious London College of Style. My mission is simple: to inspire every woman to feel confident in their skin and express themselves through their unique style.

I specialise in the art of capsule wardrobe curation. These bespoke collections, carefully compiled, are comprised of versatile pieces, all designed to complement each other in colour and style, amplifying the possibilities for creating an array of chic ensembles. The goal? Empowering you to focus on the 20% of your wardrobe that genuinely encapsulates your style and essence whilst decluttering the distracting 80% we often lose.

This minimalist approach to fashion is not only time-efficient and cost-effective but also ushers in an era of sustainable living – one where we know our wardrobes, love what we wear, and confidently resist the impulse to make unnecessary purchases. It’s about more than just dressing better; it’s about making more thoughtful, conscious choices that lift our spirits daily.

Beyond fashion, my commitment to empowering women extends into health and well-being. As the founder of Positive Menopause, I provide a supportive and educational platform for women online and in person. This initiative is designed to destigmatise and educate about menopause, encouraging women to navigate every phase of their lives with positivity and grace.

Join me on this journey to reclaim your confidence, redefine your style, and revitalise your wardrobe. Welcome to a world where fashion embraces self-love.

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Any experience should be joyful. You should go away from it feeling as though you have had the best time ever. That you have discovered so much more about yourself and be armed with helpful information to give you the confidence to develop your styling skills.

That’s why my styling experiences are fun, relaxed and practical, with the opportunity to build a real relationship with me as your stylist.


We will work through your wardrobe, and I will show you which pieces work well for your body shape and style personality.

I will explain how the remaining pieces will form daily outfits.

You will be provided with a list of pieces to complement your existing wardrobe and a complimentary mood board that will visually break those items down.

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This process includes gathering information, establishing the client’s brief via a telephone/zoom call, and completing a client questionnaire.

Once we have decided which package you require, whether Capsule Wardrobe Pieces, Evening/Event Outfits or even a holiday capsule wardrobe, I will put together mood boards showing the pieces as outfits and the links to purchase each item.



Do you fancy doing something different with your girlfriends, like when you were younger, and would you have fun dressing up?

Then maybe a personal styling party would be just the ticket. We can work through a choice of the following:-

  • Body types and your style personalities
  • Colour analysis and how to dress to enhance your skin tone.
  • How to curate your wardrobe to enhance who you are.