Viking Digital Photography Masterclass

Viking Digital Photography Masterclass

I was recently privileged to attend a photography masterclass event in association with Viking and Elouisa Georgiou at Dirty Martini Birmingham

Upon arrival, we were handed a very nice bellini and introduced to Elouisa. I must admit that I was grateful to also meet up with some fellow Brum Bloggers.  

We were initially given a briefing on the evening schedule. And we’re informed that we could be in with a chance of winning a new printer. This opportunity came from having the best photograph at the end of the evening.

Elouisa began by giving us an insight into photography and camera settings. She encouraged us to work in manual mode on our camera’s instead of relying on Auto. That way we would get a real feel and understanding of how our camera works with lighting, shutter speed, and aperture.

We were then split into various groups of three or four. These teams would work together to take photographs. These photographs were to be enhanced with the use of bounce boards and special lighting which you could adjust the colours on.

These looked like lightsabres which was quite amusing.  

Prisms were also used, something I had never thought of using previously. Admittedly we had a lot of fun attempting to create that one photograph with the WOW Factor!

As the interior of Dirty Martini Birmingham already as some fabulous interest, this was a great starting point. However, we were also treated to some beautifully laid out Christmas Tables, along with a tree to use as part of the masterclass. The tables decorations were ideal to incorporate as part of a flat lay. Of course, the use of the lightsabre and bounce board enhanced what we were trying to achieve.

We also looked at using glasses to bounce light off along with the dark screen of our mobile phones.

At one point we attempted to take a photograph through the center of a cracker.

This idea was fun as well as a little adventurous. Fortunately, there were four of us on our team. Steph, Fay and Lizzie and I so we could adopt different idea’s to enhance our creative capabilities. As well as learning from one another.

Viking 1

Lizzie having fun with the lightsaber 

Viking 2

Fay concentrating on her camera settings

Viking 3

Stephanie discovering her creative skills

All in all, we learned a lot more than we bargained for from this Viking event.   Manual Mode will be used more often hereon in.   Some of the things we learned were…

Shutter Speed 

If you are taking photo’s of still objects then the shutter speed needs to be quick (e.g. 1/250) This also means that less light will be allowed in when the shot is being taken. However, if you are taking photo’s of moving objects, for example, speeding traffic then you will need the shutter speed to be lower. The reason being that it doesn’t shut to quick to lose any of the scenes. Of course, this means that more light gets in which in turn could make your photo has a little more blur. I would also suggest using a tripod for this as you may get a little camera shake when having to keep a still hand for a longer period of time.


ISO is your camera’s sensitivity to light. The lower the ISO the less sensitive the camera is to light. I always try and have a low ISO because my photos are less grainy and I can always increase the exposure in Lightroom far easier than decreasing it.


The majority of photography myself and my husband take are fashion shots. Most of these don’t really require the external scenery as part of the shot so I work on a lower Aperture – F-Stop to create a blurred background. With a prime lens, you can go as low as f/1.2, but these lenses are fixed so there is no zoom. When the Aperture is lower more light is let in when taking the shot.

All three of these need to work together to balance each other out, and that is something that can only be learned with practice and playing around with your camera setting.   

Viking 6

 One thing I took from this experience with Viking is that I should be a little more adventurous, and get out there and practice.

Furthermore, even the best flat layers struggle from time to time.


Viking 4


Viking 5






Some of the Beautiful Brum Bloggers at the Viking Event


Ting from The Ting Thing

Fay from Hey its Fay

Stephanie from Priceless life of Mine

Tash from Tashpantz

Naomi from Tralisty

Lizzie from Hello Lizzie Bee

xx Sarah xx



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