To Purchase or Not to Purchase

To Purchase or Not to Purchase

Do you find yourself wondering round clothing shops looking at the same type of items that already exist in your wardrobe.

Do you look forward to each season with the anticipation that you will somehow be inspired, only to discover that like a magpie you always reach out for the same colour and safe items of clothing.

Do you own over 5 pairs of jeans, 20 sets of pj’s and a whole load of black and white vest tops. You then decide that you are going to be bold and brave, invest in a capsule wardrobe and buy that dream top which of course you love, but you never wear ?

I think that we are lead to believe that we need a huge wardrobe full of clothes, and if every we are seen in the same item twice during the same year, by way of social media tags that we are destined to no longer be seen as fashionable and interesting.

I think back to the times when I have wasted so much money buying the same thing over and over again only to discover that only twice a week do I live in normal clothing. The rest of the time I am running around in gym gear….

So I made the decision that I would attempt to no longer do this. Instead I would follow a new set of rules.

These would be look for something interesting yet not that crazy that you friends may suddenly think that you have lost your mind.

Try on the item.. Let face it, how may of us look at the changing room queue and think no way am I standing in that! So we buy the item, take it home then because it does not fit property we somehow convince ourselves that because we love it, it will one say fit and suit us?! No!! It never happens, who are we kidding 😉

Once we have tried it on, visualise it with at least three different outfits that we already own. Even if this means sitting in the said changing rooms, clutching the item as though we are in a weird trance.

Or if you have the time, set up a little photo library of your most worn jeans, shoes, bags etc and see if it will work well with any of these.

If you can’t get to grips with any of the above walk away ! Go get a coffee, and think about something else. If when you get home you are still pining after said item, and you can then work it around three outfits order if online… but make sure you don’t pay any delivery charges!

To prove my point, I recently purchased this lovely red and white stripped top from Zara… I loved the ruffled sleeve (on trend), the colours (not something I would usually wear), and the fact that it was a wrap, so if I ate too much pudding there was room for expansion. I have put a link at the bottom of the page to a very similar top on Zara’s website.

I imagined in my head, three different ways I could wear it. This is what I came up with… 


Top: Zara   Jeans: Zara   Shoes: Bertie (Previous Season)





Jeans: River Island   Bag: Chloe   Shoes: Aldo





Jeans: River Island   Trainers: Adidas






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