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5 Beauty Products I am loving at the moment

Beauty Products are in the Eye of the Beholder   I bet your thinking isn’t that Beauty and not Beauty Products 🙂 Well yes you are right, however don’t we all have a difference of opinion when it comes to the good, bad and the ugly. Are we not swayed by packaging, and promises of […]


Beauty Product Shopping Makes Me Despair !

Following a recent visit to a rather large department store I decided that shopping for Make Up and Beauty Products was beginning to get really disheartening 🙁 If your anything like me, you love to try out a new eyeshadow, or maybe give yourself a pick me up with a luminous foundation, but have no […]


Mothers Day Gift, With A Personal Touch

After a recently visit to a very special friend, I was introduced to something wonderful and unique. A bit like us if you think about it 😉 A brand new product that filled me with excitement !  Now if you are anything like me, its great to have a hand wash, body wash, or even […]

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