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Style File – Wedding Season


Style File – Wedding Season

Don’t,  you just love a good Wedding

♥ Champagne and Romance ♥

But wait a minute, what about that dreaded search for the one. No, I don’t mean your future husband, I mean the outfit! The Dress, Shoes, Bag, and even hat.

I can now feel you slump back in your seat and have visions of you putting your head in your hand in despair.

I mean let’s face it, most of us have this awful fear of not only turning up to a party in the same dress as someone else but turning up to a wedding in the same dress would be the worst experience ever. How could you possibly relax knowing that all of that hard research into finding the one has just flown out of the ceremonial window?

Well, let me put your mind at ease, my lovely virtual friends. I would bet your bottom dollar that when you think about what kind of outfit you would like. The first thing you do is head straight to your trusted website or retail outlet, which is highly likely going to be the same one as everyone else.

Hopefully, my tips and tricks will give you a helping hand. First of all, don’t go for a colour that the bridesmaids may be wearing.

We are not there to photobomb the Wedding Album!

 Ask the Bride what the Wedding colour theme is, and if she isn’t a Bridezilla she will tell you 🙂

And if you can, maybe look for something that will complement the colour scheme. Maybe something that is on the opposite side of the colour wheel. Also, ensure the colour will suit your skin tone. Even if you are getting a spray tan, (which I would highly recommend) or have just spent two weeks in the Bahama’s it still needs to be something that you will glow in.

Then think about length and style.

Remembering that you will be in the dress all day, and you will have to wear those heels right until the DJ plays the final track. Or failing that drop a little pair of roll-up ballet pumps into your bag.

I also think it’s a good idea, to wear something that isn’t too fitted. Nobody wants to be breathing in all day. Especially after that five-course wedding breakfast!

Another point is that wedding attire can be a little expensive, so best to purchase something that can be worn on other occasions. Maybe for a party or afternoon tea somewhere special. Try to look at what accessories you may own that will complement the dress. And it really doesn’t have to be a dress. The high street is full of matching skirts, trousers and jackets. What’s to stop you buying one of those. 

 Accessorize does some lovely bags that would compliment the outfit, along with matching scarves which could be added to brighten up a very plain suit maybe.

Here I chose a floaty dress from ASOS. I already owned the shoes and bag so the whole outfit came in very reasonable. I can also wear this again in the winter with a gold jumper over the top, similar to the silver one I wore recently on Instagram.  Then add a pair of ballet pumps or even some converse for a more relaxed feel. Check out this post, which gives some tips on this idea.

wedding 1



wedding 2

Wedding 4


Photography By: Amie Thomas


Just remember dresses aren’t just for weddings they are for life 🙂 




















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