Style File – Kimono’s a go to addition to any wardrobe

Style File – Kimono’s a go to addition to any wardrobe

I love Kimono’s, and I think they are a great asset to any wardrobe.

I mean they are not just for holiday’s you know. I love the fact that you can layer them with a little cami and throw on a pair of jeans for a dare I say it Smart/Casual look.

That’s the one look that we all struggle with.

You know when you ask the dress code, only to be faced with “Oh just SMART/CASUAL”

Now when I am given that answer, and if you know me well, you will probably hear the sigh in my voice, as I reply, oh okay no problem. Which usually means… really are you having a laugh. Can’t you think of something a little more original Ha ha 🙂

But, and I say but rather proudly. I seem to be able to come up with the whole Smart/Casual theme rather well of late. One reason for this is the addition of not one but several  Kimono’s.

Kimono's 8


And to be honest you really don’t have to pay a lot of money for one. I recently purchased the last season Zara Kimono which I found on eBay. Think it cost me £ 20.00. And of course, sites such as Shein have plenty of them. If you are feeling really creative why not have a go at making one.

There are so many beautiful fabrics out there, that the options are endless.

The construction is very simple, and I bet one of your friends or relatives has a sewing machine knocking around in some dusty corner.

I got this one from the Hippie Market in Ibiza last year, but I have found two very similar if not the same Kimono’s on a couple of other websites. I will link them below just in case you are loving the colour and style of this one.

Kimono's 1


Photography by Amie Thomas


Kimono's 7

To be honest, I absolutely adore Kimono’s that have a silver or gold thread running through them, look amazing with a tan and a pair of White Jeans.

Or even with some shorts and sandals for a more glamorous beach feel.

Kimono's 8

Kimono's 4

I would love to hear what your views and ideas are with styling your Kimono’s, and if you need a little guidance or some idea’s as to what is out there right now take a look below.

Sarah xx





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