Skincare products I am loving at the moment

Skincare products I am loving at the moment

Assessing your skincare regime and the products you are using on a regular basis is vital.

If we feed our skin with the correct nutrients and vitamins we can ensure that it is kept in be the best condition possible. I mean we wouldn’t eat a tub full of butter for breakfast because it would make us sick, so why would we put products onto our skin that makes it dry and out of condition.

I have said in previous posts that I have always made skincare a priority, from a very early age. In fact, I think I have only slept in makeup around three times during my life. Although one thing I don’t do is drink enough water, and to be honest that is a massive mistake when it comes to skin hydration. I am sure that I am not alone when it comes to daily water consumption.


Obvious as I have matured so has my skin. The elasticity seems to have gone to bed, and a lovely grey shading has appeared in its place. Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But you get my drift. With all of this in mind, I once again decided to look at the products I was using and decided to mix it up a little. 

These are some of the products I have introduced, and to be honest I could see a difference almost immediately.


Vitamin C Suspension 23%+ HA Spheres 2%

Why Vitamin C, and why The Ordinary. Well for a start the price point. We all know that the ordinary provide highly complex products at affordable prices, and this is no exception.

I wanted to start using a Vitamin C product as I knew that it would provide skin brightening benefits, and this does just that. Now I am not going to go into the complexity or the biologic of this product. You can read that for yourself on their website. I will say though that it is strong, and your skin will tingle. So only use the smallest amount and maybe every other day, to begin with. Also, you could add it to a daily moisturiser that has no additional components.  



Why such a high SPF, well for a start this one from SkinCeuticals has a sheer mineral base, meaning that it gives your skin the illusion that you are wearing makeup but your not. It does work amazingly under makeup though. And SPF 50 well after all of those years of staring at the sun in the hope that I will obtain a never-ending golden glow has taken its toll on my skin. So I decided that it needs as much protection as possible from the environment as well as from the Sun. I like to layer this on top on my Vitamin C to ensure complete protection.


Now I have an issue with under my eyes. I have changed my diet, taken histamine tablets, and continually had my thyroid monitored (as I am underactive) but nothing can explain the little lumps that reside under my eyes.

I have also tried doing my own lymphatic facial drainage, and use under eye cooling pads. The list of attempts to resolve this problem go on and on, but nothing has worked. And neither does this.

The Ordinary categorically state that this product will not eliminate that problem. Now I really do not want to go down the surgery route but I am considering having fillers around my eyes. That is if it is possible, and it will work!

However, I will say that this product is amazing when it comes to relieving tired eyes. It definitely perks up the skin around the eye and does give a more youthful appearance. So I will continue to use it. (I will update you should I have fillers)



As my skin has matured I have obviously developed what I would like to class as fine lines. And through sun damage one particular age spot on my face, along with several on my chest area. This product certainly packs a punch when it comes to assisting in these areas. I have certainly noticed an improvement in my skin tone and texture during the short space of time that I have been applying it. And I will update you further in a future post to let you know how I get along.

As with any skincare routine, these products are not the only ones I use, and I dare say I will add and adjust these products on a regular basis. 



One thing I do know though it that I can no longer rely solely on a skincare routine I may have used during my younger years. As with all of us we age. One thing I do know though is that after years of abusing my skin by way of smoking, had I not have taken care of it in the first place, the state of it now may be a whole different story.

♥ So if there is one thing you gain from this post, I hope it is to see your skin as precious. It is the precious wrapping to a wonderful present ♥


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