September 18 – Virtual Haul

September 18 – Virtual Haul

September its that time of year when we prepare our wardrobes for all things comfy and cozy

I for one love having a good old clear out. And can be pretty ruthless it has to be said. Although there are a few items I wish I had kept from previous clear outs. Because who would have thought that those Karen Millen Leopard print shoes would be back in. Maybe I should air a little more on the caution side when it comes to throwing out classic items.

Anyway, this brings me to what’s new in store, and of course, if I had endless pots of money what I would probably invest in. 

 Sometimes I wish that I was able to restrain myself from buying items that I know will only last this season.

Therefore, saving that cash to put towards pieces I will love year after year.

Anyway, for the purpose of this post, I am going to share with you items I am hoping will inspire you to embrace the current season, and all things Autumnal 

Hopefully, the items I have put together will also work well so that you are able to mix and match giving more longevity to your purchases.

And we will start off our September Haul with this lovely piece of knitwear from River Island, which I have actually purchased!

September 1



 What can we put with this piece to ensure we get the most possible use out of it…



 As you may have gathered by now I have a thing for Neutrals. Is it because I think they are easy to put together. Maybe that’s why I quite like the Whole Animal Print Theme this season.

But if your thing is grey and pink then work with what you already have and just add to it.

Just remember that if you stick to a basic colour palette you are less likely to buy things that you don’t really need, and so are more likely to buy items that you really love and will continue to love year after year.


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