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Sanctuary Spa – An Affordable Luxury

Sanctuary Spa – An Affordable Luxury

Sanctuary Spa has always been my go-to product when it comes to ensuring my skin is more satin than sandpaper. It is such an amazing product for preparing your skin for fake tan. Whether you do that at home or at a salon. I particularly love their Exfoliating Salt Scrubs. Not only do they work perfectly on your skin but they look fabulous on your bathroom shelf too.



I recently discovered that Sanctuary Spa had bought out a new fragrance so I was extremely excited to try it. Especially when its called 

White Lily and Damask Rose

It smells divine. The range includes…

Body Wash

Body Butter

Wet Skin Moisture Miracle 

Body Lotion

Sancury 1

The pricing of these products amazes me as the packaging is so high end and yet it is pretty affordable for one to use on a regular basis. Quite often as well Boots will have a three for two offer on making it even more within a great price bracket.

I love how effortless and easy it is to use as well. Just apply the scrub on wet skin and watch your legs transform I know I will be stocking up during the winter months when we seem to forget what lies beneath our clothing 🙂 x

sanctury 3

If you are anything like me certain products can be a little irritating for us ladies. I can honestly say that I have never had a problem with any of Sanctuary’s products.

They also have some lovely little weekend sets which are really handy when your away on a city break or with the girls for a chill weekend. I quite often find it difficult to find nice little sets that don’t cost the earth, thankfully sanctuary has resolved that problem.

sanctuary 5


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