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Rome, an eclectic mix

Rome Main

Rome, an eclectic mix

Rome is such an eclectic mix of Historical Wonder, Artistic Splendour and Culinary delights to suit every pallet, and of course if your bank balance allows there is a world full of designer shops.

To be honest, it was never really on my agenda of somewhere to visit, and I know that sounds a little crazy but I am just being honest. We arrived at the port as part of our CRUISE holiday early doors and embarked on Pier 13 South. Now at this point, I have to say if you wish to visit Rome the drive is around an hour and a half.

Okay, so what did we do when we were in Rome

Well for a start the time allowance does not give you the opportunity to really visit more than one historical site. That being said we decided to visit the Colosseum and purchased our ticket online prior to our visit. If you are going to do this then ensure you give yourself enough time either side. We also opted for the speedy visit with our tour guide which lasted two and a half hours. Unfortunately, we had to leave the tour early due to our time limits.

We then got a little lost in Rome and had to get a cab back to where we wanted to go. And because of this, we ran out of time to explore the city as much as we wanted to. Personally, I felt very overwhelmed in Rome. It is an extremely busy city filled to the brim with tourists.

However, you can find little areas of peace and quiet where you can breathe in the historical ruins, and watch the world go by.

Of course, there are so many other historical buildings you can visit in Rome, such as the Roman Forum and the Vatican city but a few hours of visiting as part of a cruise is not nearly enough time. Although it gave me a taster as to what to expect and also to decide whether it would be somewhere that I would like to visit again.




Maybe one tip that I would give for visiting any large city such as Rome is that where there is more than one Monument to visit only book tickets to check it out yourself. You can download information in relation to anywhere in the World these days and by having a guide it can obviously take more time. It can be a little stressful too trying to stay with your group. A bit like being on a school trip when you can’t see you teacher 🙂

Rome Fountain

Rome Street

Rome Bikes

Oh and that saying

“When in Rome, do as the Roman’s Do”

Probably not a good idea if you are talking about historically! 🙂

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