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Protein World – Does Their 4 Week Summer Body Challenge Work ?

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Protein World – Does Their 4 Week Summer Body Challenge Work ?


 After the Christmas period, I found it increasingly difficult to shed the half a stone I had put on.

Many of you at this point may well be gasping and rolling your eyes at the mere fact that I have said half a stone. However, bear with me…

As I have various food intolerances along with Psoriatic Arthritis I try to be strict with the food I eat. This can be so difficult when you work from an office that really does not have the facilities to cook up and an amazing omelette at lunchtime. And to be quiet honest the local eateries don’t cater to anyone that asks for anything remotely healthy like avocados 🙂

 I am taking HRT and find that I am becoming tired more often than I can remember being in the past. Along with my slightly underactive thyroid, I was willing to give anything ago.

Now I will tell you that I train on a very regular basis, and if you have read my previous blog posts about my fitness you will know what I do. I am also currently training for Birmingham 10k, which is not easy at all. 

So after seeing a few posts on Instagram, I decided to check out Protein World. Now I have used their protein powder in the past and found it to be pretty good. Quite expensive I may add but then I do usually buy the cheaper options available at my local discount store.

But to do a whole four-week challenge was somewhat out of my comfort zone, and to be honest, something that I have always dismissed. But being the kind of person I am I don’t tend to do things by half measures. I mean I once decided to look into nutrition because of my Auto-Immune Disorder, only to end up doing an advance Nutrition Qualification. 

Right, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty…

What do you get for your hard earned cash…

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Well, this is a list of what I ordered:-

400g Slender Blend (Salted Caramel)

400g Slender Blend (Vanilla)

500g Slender Porridge Vanilla

500g Slender Porridge Golden Syrup

5 Slender Bars (Coconut & Dark Chocolate)

5 Slender Bars (Salted Caramel)

5 Slender Bars (Rocky Road)

5 Slender Bars (Smores)

Water Cleanse Capsules

Omega 3 Capsules

Slender Plan Guide

Weekend Helpers (Slender Blender)

28 Tea Bags

Protein World Shaker


Protein 3

Value for money, I actually think it is really good.

  The total cost = £ 88.99 divide that over 28 days = £ 3.18 per day. Now that is not much more than one of your special coffees. And you are getting breakfast, lunch and a snack in with that. 

Protein 4


Okay, so how do Protein World’s products taste and is it a simple formula to use over the four weeks.

The answer to this is yes. The porridge and the shakes taste great. One thing I will say though is that I did not use the full 5 spoonfuls of porridge each day.  It was too much and fairly difficult to mix. I only did 3 spoonfuls. I also stirred it every minute. I did not try and make this on the hob as more often than not I was at work when I made it.

 I didn’t have to think about what my meals would be during the day, as they were already partly prepared This distracted my mind from the fact that I was monitoring what I ate.


I also used the recipe’s that are on their website, and I have to admit that having numerous healthy eating cookbooks  I favoured their recipes over anything else.

This meant that I was able to organise my shopping so that evening meals were also something I didn’t have to think about. I do believe that half of the problem with trying to cut back on foods that are no good for us or trying to drop a few pounds becomes more of an issue when we concentrate on it too much.

Having said that I also entered my daily food intake into My Fitness Pal. Now I only did this from a nutritional point of view, and because I monitor my Macro’s and BMR, and TDEE.

I also use a Fitbit Watch which I sync with Myfitness Pal.

If you would like to know how I work all of this out please drop me a comment or message me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and I will write a more detailed post about this.

(Protein World made it easy to stay within my Macro’s, and their products are of the highest quality)

Taking all of this into consideration, along with my age ! and my medical conditions which you can read about here My Health Journey,

I only lost 2lb!  

I will point out though that as I only had around 5lb to drop I suppose that was okay, and taking into consideration the fact that I discovered an issue with my red blood cells, my medication had to be adjusted and I started taking Iron and B12 supplements I can’t really moan. 

Putting aside my lack of real weight loss I will say that my skin changed.

It became a lot clearer and my Rosacea seemed to fade. Now over the course of the four weeks, I only drank a couple of glasses of wine so that may have constituted a little to the improvement of my skin.


Protein 5

So what is my conclusion

I would definitely use this product again. It is one of the best I have used. I love the ease of use, and although I didn’t lose much weight my stepdaughter lost 6lb in the first four days doing the same four-week challenge.

It is true what they say that the more you have to lose the easier it is. Well in the beginning that is. So from a dietary point of view especially for a young mom who wants something quick and simple Protein World definitely packs a punch. Long-term use, no still don’t agree with replacing real food, but as far as helping you acknowledge what your body actually needs to function well it has my vote.


For more information have a look on their site, and if you want to ask any questions fire away. I would love to hear from you.

Sarah xx


2 thoughts on “Protein World – Does Their 4 Week Summer Body Challenge Work ?

  1. I also need to lose some of my winter weight so I’ve been reading this with interest. I don’t think I would go for this kind of package but I understand it’s good for people who are quite busy. What I am finding from my personal experience so far is that adding more protein to my meals really helps with weight loss. I feel full for longer and consequently I eat fewer calories in a day (well that’s how it should be but sometimes I have some treats which destroys all my efforts!). Exercising more also works for me.

    1. Hi Petra, I fully get where you are coming from. I do think it also depends on how much weight you have to lose. To be honest, mine is minimal. I am better off counting my Macro’s and continually adjusting my exercise program. I try to stay away from too much Cardio and mix it up with HITT. I also think your body type, age, and metabolic rate play a massive part. It really is a minefield x

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