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Sparkle V Embellishment


Sparkle V Embellishment

Photography by Amie @lxa_team


Sparkle is Everywhere..

And Like A Magpie I Am Drawn To It !



No Sooner have we closed the door on October the invites start coming through…

Not that I am complaining ! I mean who doesn’t love a good party to sparkle at ?

However, if you are anything like me, you suddenly hit the shops with an element of Fear and the following questions in mind !



Sparkle 1






Should I go for Black – Always  a Safe Bet

How much can I afford

Dread it if someone else be wearing the same dress 🙁

Should I fork out on  new shoes and bag as well

Can I think of an occasion when I wear it again 

and then finally




Find My Dress Here












   These are responses I have heard all to often, followed by..

Can you find me a dress please as I don’t seem to be able to find anything.





Now, don’t get me wrong I love finding outfits for my friends.

But not everyone has a friend who like me, doesn’t mind trailing the internet for that special dress. 

So, one of the first things I would say is, look at what you already have.

By this I mean your accessories as buying new will bump up the cost. 

If you have some lovely silver shoes, maybe look for dresses that would go with those.

A nice shade of green, blue, or grey maybe.

Don’t buy a dress in the same colour as your shoes, as you will really struggle to match it.

I once did that for a wedding, and purchased 5 different pairs of shoes, until I arrived at a pair that I was happy with  Expensive Wedding !



Always think about what style of dress suits you.

For example if you are large busted, don’t wear anything that comes up to your neck, it won’t give you any shape.

If you don’t like your arms don’t bother with strappy.

Do you sweat easily – Then maybe don’t go for long sleeves.

I am sure you get my drift.

Furthermore, take a friend along. One that is honest, even if you don’t like what they say, they will at least have an opinion which will give you food for thought.

Oh and they also have to have a good eye for clothes!!



Next think about the length. Are you tall, short somewhere in between ?

Chances are if you are under 5ft 4in I would stay away from anything that isn’t above your knee. For two reasons, one being,  it will swamp your legs, and two you may have to get it shortened.

 I try and stay away from long dresses if I can now, as I just don’t wear them again, unless it can be altered at a later date for another event.

sparkle 2

sparkle 3


What type of occasion is it

Evening Ball in a large venue

Small intimate party

Cocktail Lounge

 Think about the possibilities of wearing the outfit with maybe another pair of shoes, or maybe with a jumper over the top.

Hence, go for a colour that is compatible with your wardrobe ?  

Do you think you could grunge it up with a biker jacket and a pair of boots.

If you add further wear ability to your dress then you are more likely to buy something that you will love in years to come, rather than something that will just do for now.




♥ If you love it you will Sparkle ♥

 So the question remains, do you go for sparkle or embellishment

Well I hope I have been some help when it comes to choosing a dress that you will love forever

 And just in case you come a little unstuck I have put a few idea’s down below

S xxx 


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