Party Dressing for Every Occasion

Party Dressing for Every Occasion

Well, we are now officially in Party Season, October is well and truly over and we are no longer haunted by horrible Haloween. No, I don’t like Haloween, in fact, I hate it with a passion. So I am always quite relieved to see the 1st of November.

And although I am not one to enter into Christmas early I do like to plan. Party Planning always has to be prioritised because there is so much to do over these months.

Along with the whole expense of Christmas Party Food, Presents etc comes the added expense and pressure of what to wear as well.

There have been many times in the past when I have not wanted to wear that party dress for two years running and as such have wasted money purchasing dresses etc that have just sat sad and lonely in my wardrobe year after year. But you will be pleased to know you and I can actually do something with those dresses. I wrote about that here.


Party Green Skirt

Okay, so I added a couple of pieces to bring them into this season. However, the cost of doing that far outweighed the cost of purchasing a whole new outfit. So what I wanted to do over the coming month is share some of those ideas with you which will hopefully give you a little inspiration and enable you to go out there and rework your own wardrobe without breaking the bank. 

I may also include a few pieces that I discover along the way, just in case no matter how hard you try your current wardrobe just won’t suffice.

A good starting point may be to think about the colours of this season. Green’s, Reds and Metallics.

You don’t always have to wear Black

Have you anything in your wardrobe that will fit into these categoric shades. Take for example this bustier which I already owned from Zara. It has little beads sewn all over which are reticent with Christmas Decorations. I decided to pick the emerald green stone.

I then came across this pleated skirt from Primark and  I knew that the colours would compliment one another.

Add a jacket, shoes and a bag that I already owned and I had a new outfit. I am pretty sure that this skirt will also work well on Christmas Day with a chunky knit and a pair of ankle boots. The whole outfit cost me under £ 30. 

If you follow me on Instagram you will see that I have previously worn the bustier with a metallic bronze skirt that I have owned for a few years now.

Party Green Skirt 2

Party Green Skirt 4

Of course, you could always go down the road of mixing summer pieces with a touch of glitz and glamour.

I purchased these wide leg cream trousers possibly 18 months ago from Zara. As I love cream and white during the colder months too, I decided what better way to utilise them than to add a pale gold blouse. I already had some gold shoes and a gold bag the only expense was the blouse.

Party Cream Trousers

Of course, it doesn’t have to be paired with gold. Silver, Bronze would look equally as good. A cream taffeta skirt would look great too. As would be mixing navy or grey with metallics.

Party Cream Trousers 1 Party Cream Trouser 3

Just remember that you do you! You don’t have to conform unless of course, your invite is specific. And you don’t have to push your finances over the edge for that one dress. 

Party Cream Trouser 4


So that brings me onto my final piece for this post. Yes, the humble black dress. Now I love a little black dress. They are easy to throw on and require minimal effort. But let me ask you. How good do you actually feel in that dress? Do you wear it because a) it is easy b) you can blend into the background c) you have no idea what else to wear. 

Now if you answered yes to any of the above, throw that mindset straight out of the window.

Because the chances are you will not feel confident in that dress, and confidence is key. Please try and step outside of your comfort zone, if only for one night. If you do decide after all that the little black dress is calling then can I suggest the following…

Make sure that the fabric and cut compliment your body shape. If it’s too long or to big get it altered, If it’s looking a bit shabby, get it drycleaned. And try on different accessories, that will ensure you feel bold, classy and sassy. 

Party Black Dress

Maybe change your hair too to add interest to your outfit. Whether that’s having your hair put up or adding additional hair. Maybe get your make up done too if you’re a little less confident in the application.

Party Dress Black 2


Party Black Dress 4

Photography: Paul Cale 

Party Dress Black 5

But above all HAVE FUN


 love what you wear and to love yourself in it.

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xx Sarah xx


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