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Oasis Clothing and Natural History Museum collaboration

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Oasis Clothing and Natural History Museum collaboration

I always find it a little exciting when there is a Collaboration between a clothing brand and another source.

And let’s face it one between Oasis and The Natural History Museum has to be amazing.

So what’s going on and should we invest in one of these extra special pieces.

Well, the Natural History Museum launched its first ever clothing collection called Wild and Wonderful. There are 34 pieces all inspired by some of History’s most celebrated Naturalists.

The Museums Library houses many of the illustrations that inspired the designers to create the pieces on sale at Oasis. This includes illustrations of Plants, Flowers, and the Insect world.

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The collection covers all of your wardrobe requirements from Dresses to Handbags and Shoes. And with the summer season sitting just around the corner one or two pieces would be beautiful. There are even swing bags as well as carrier bags. Now that would make your weekly shop a little more fun!

As well as being stocked in all 86 Oasis stores it will also be held in many concessions. They are also showcasing it at the Museums Cranbourne Boutique.

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Being fortunate to spend an evening with the lovely Danni and Anty at the Bullring branch gave me an insight into the fit and quality of this range, along with the other pieces that Oasis have to offer. One thing I will say is that we were greeted with extended warmth and fun. So if ever you are looking for an outfit for that special occasion or just for the weekend why not pop by and book yourself in with Danni and Anti for a fun personal shopping experience. You would definitely be in for a treat, and some fun finding that much-needed addition to your wardrobe.

The other great thing about Oasis is that their pieces suit any age. I mean I had the same outfit on as one of the younger Birmingham bloggers. And there must be 30 years between us. Now doesn’t that tell you something?

As far as the fit is concerned, it is true to size… Now that is refreshing. No more trying on pieces that are either side of your usual size. Thank goodness for that.








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Oasis & Natural History Museum

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