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Multi Task the Easy Way

multi task

Multi Task the Easy Way

Multi Task  

Multi Task – was something I was proud to accomplish. I could retain a list of 20 different things I needed to do at any one given time.  And this didn’t phase me ! However, this ability appeared to reduce slowly after I hit the bit 40 !

Maybe my body just went into shock through the unnecessary stress I put it through –   Or that information Overload was a real illness 🙂


You see, I don’t believe that women have a Multi Task Superpower    

We have just told ourselves this fact, mainly because we’ve had not choice. And also because we are always fighting to be on equal ground with the males in our lives.

So  now we have something to prove !

Why oh why did we open our mouths in the first place.

Anyway, as my day job involves being able to multi task on a completely different level, often putting one task aside whilst having to start another.  


Then of course we have the multi tasking outside of work. From paying the bills, birthday’s to remember, shopping to buy,  packing to do,  decorating list, nights out with the girls,  gym routines, coffee meet ups, meetings to organise, tickets to buy, the dogs injections to remember blah blah blah…

Is it any wonder that we can’t cope and don’t  even remember the two items that we popped into the Supermarket for!

I have forgotten so many birthday’s that it’s beginning to get embarrassing.

Modern technology didn’t seem to help either… What with information on my phone’s diary, which even links to my husband so that he doesn’t forget to put the bins out.

I have a diary and I have a calendar. I put the same thing on every reminder, yet I still forget!

Do I need to turn into an elephant?


Maybe some of this is down to being menopausal, and having an under-active thyroid ! Can you relate?  I mean brain fog is supposed to be real you know. Or is it just down to information overload !!!!!

So I decided to go back to the old school way of thinking.. A good old-fashioned Filo-Fax…

Something that I can carry around with me, that has every date, address and phone number written into it. This is what I went for 🙂



 FiloFax Personal 95mm x 171mm in Pink


I purchased mine from Amazon at £ 30.00

Purchase it Here


How Did I Organise It


 I purchased the following additions, and filled my filofax in the following order…

Year Planner – Ref 17-68402


To Do List – Ref: 132204

A-Z Index: Ref 131608

Contacts: Ref 130201

Be interesting to see how you all manage to organise your busy lives ? Or do you just fly by the seat of your pants and hope for the best 🙂

S xx


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