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Mothers Day Gift, With A Personal Touch

Mothers Day Gift, With A Personal Touch

After a recently visit to a very special friend, I was introduced to something wonderful and unique. A bit like us if you think about it 😉

A brand new product that filled me with excitement ! 

Now if you are anything like me, its great to have a hand wash, body wash, or even body scrub that screams individuality, don’t you thin. Now we have it in the form of Button & Wilde. A Unique brand that allows you to customise gifts and personal beauty products.

Never before has this been possible, but thanks to Button & Wilde anything is possible.


The whole process is extremely simple, from choosing your fragrance, to bottle size (depending on the length of the wording you require) to your finished colours ! Oh how the OCD on colour matching can set in 😉


Such an easy website to move across as well. Even for those of us lacking in certain creativity this will make us look truly inspirational x


What a fantastic idea for that extra special Mothers Day Gift, Wedding Gift, or in fact a gift just to say thank you.

I was so excited to receive my products. The packaging was beautiful, and they now take center stage in my bathroom.


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