Monaco and Monte Carlo

Monaco and Monte Carlo

Monaco and Monte Carlo are as you would expect opulent and beautiful, and that’s just the residents. Even the police look like catwalk models. 

We decided to go on this trip as part of our CRUISE as my husband is a massive car fanatic and loves the Grand Prix. Of course, he wanted to check out the possibility of returning next May to watch an array of cars race it out around the city.

On face value, of course, you will see wealth seeping out of every area, however, you will also find some beautiful back streets showcasing wonderful little houses and shops. Ones that your budget may well stretch to.

monaco 1 

monaco 2

Of course, our guide was full of knowledge and is able to keep your attention every step of the route to our destination.  As with all other trips, there was not nearly enough time to be able to stroll around the streets and admire the views. We only managed to grab a quick bite along the way, and of course a small wine. 

One thing that I admired about Monaco is the level of crime. There is none, well very little. I also found the people to be charming and full of warmth. Although I will suggest that you learn basic French as we did find that I had to dig deep into my educational memory bank on a couple of occasions.

Monaco 6


monaco 7

monaco 8

monaco 9

monaco 10

Top Tip for Monaco take plenty of money with you, as it isn’t cheap…

I hope this little insight helped you decided if this is a city you would like to visit. We also visited Pisa, Barcelona, Corsica, and Rome.

monaco 12

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