Metallic Party Outfits Look Book

Metallic Party Outfits Look Book

Metallics are such an easy addition when it comes to Party Outfits.

They are extremely fun and pretty easy to put together.

 Whether you are looking for a little skirt, a pair of heels or even a full-on outfit. Metallics always look that little bit more expensive. Take the green pleated skirt I recently shared on my Instagram. It was only from Primark and I believe cost me around 20 pounds. However, I have seen a very similar one in another high street store for over 100 pounds. So for something that I am not going to wear on a day to day basis I really don’t want to spend a lot of money, as I am sure you don’t either.


Metallic Silver 

Quite often the lead up to any event can take up TO MUCH TIME pondering over what to wear, but half an hour into the evening and you may as well be wearing a black metallic bin bag as the whole emphasis now is actually on enjoying yourself rather than what you are wearing.

However, if you are still not relaxed and you are feeling as though the whole outfit is wearing you and not the other way around then may

I suggest you go and have a quiet word with yourself in the restroom mirror 🙂 because you are there to have fun and enjoy yourself.

But beware overdoing the whole Metallic’s look can make you appear a little Christmas Cracker 🙂 So it is probably best to ensure that you are not dressed head to toe in that gold ensemble. However, should that be your thing then you do you!

metallic top



As I said previously and if my past record is anything to go by then leading up to the event was always a little challenging, as I do tend to over think things. But I always do my best to find something that I feel confident and comfortable in.

Hence why I decided to put together this little series all about party dressing, and of course how to use Metallics as a base.

Even if that means just adding a little gold glittery eyeshadow.

Even if, you are not able to afford to go out and buy a whole new outfit, or should you not want to pay out for something that you may not wear again then why not just alter something you already own.

Maybe add a broach to a simple dress or change the buttons, belt, or length of the dress.

On more that one occasion, I have shortened a long dress to above the knee just so that I can get more wear out of it. And you could do that too.

Or maybe even add a tulle skirt over the top of another dress.

Just make sure you tack the inside of the waistband to the dress so that it doesn’t slip down when you’re throwing those shapes on the dance floor:)

Don’t forget that you could always utilise that Party Dress for another occasion, even if you just pop a piece of knitwear over the top, and add a pair of ankle boots, you have a whole different look.



And if you don’t want to pay high street prices, then check out your local Charity shop as they will be full to the brim with party wear. ASOS Marketplace and eBay are also great places too. 

You may well find some great retro Metallic pieces from the 1970s and 1980s.

Although you may want to take out the extra large shoulder pads that were reticent of that era. Furthermore and that in mind, there will be no chance of turning up in the same outfit as three other people! I would love to hear all about your finds.

metallic skirt

metallic red


metallic pink




So to conclude even if you just have a look at the colour palette that was used for this post, and adapt it into your current wardrobe then that’s great. Above all just have fun with what you wear, and make sure that your style and outfit reflects you as a person.

♥I would love to hear about your outfit choices for the coming party season, so drop me a comment below, and tag me in your Instagram Posts with my Instagram name @sarah.j.cale ♥  




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