Layering made easy for Winter

Layering made easy for Winter

 Layering is all you need to do in the Winter to keep warm

But what if the concept of layering makes your head spin slightly and when you have given it a go previously you have found that you are either sweating buckets or your arms have as much movement as the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz…

That’s when you have to be a little choosy about what you’re layering 

I mean let’s face it cutting off one’s circulation was never a pretty look. As a result of this, I put together the following guidelines, a post which will hopefully ensure that you remain toasty whilst looking stylish.   

layering 1


Firstly we need to start with underwear. Now I must admit that I have fallen out of love with the whole underwired bra on a day to day basis. It’s just a little bit annoying, especially when comfort is key. However, I also want to differentiate between my sportswear and my daily underwear so I went in search of some soft and luxurious pieces that won’t break the bank. 


Why cotton, or cotton blend? Well for one wool can be a little itchy and if you don’t wash it properly it can shrink. Although I have heard that wool is self-cleaning! Which means that it only requires a little steaming, or you can put it into the freezer. This apparently kills any bacteria, but won’t get rid of stains.

However, the concept of putting a chest freezer in your lounge whilst doubling up as a sideboard gives a whole new meaning to modern living, don’t you think:)

Cotton is also a breathable fiber which will ensure that your skin can breath whilst remaining warm. Layer this over your underwear.

At this point, you could also pop a shirt underneath the knitwear if you so wish to add a bit of detail to the neckline. Or equally, add a false collar if you’re putting together this outfit for the office.



If you check out the high street it is full of midlength coats which are unlined, or even if they are lined chances are they won’t be that warm when the temperature hits its lowest points, and more often than not they are open around the neck, yet we still want to wear them because they look classic.

So what do we do, if they aren’t quite warm enough? Well, I would wear a lightweight puffer jacket underneath. If possible purchase one that can be rolled up and put into a bag, therefore, if you find that you don’t need that extra layer, after all, it’s easy to take off.

 A denim jacket would work just as well.


This is when you can be a little more adventurous because this coat won’t be the be all and end all to ensuring you are kept warm. However, I would say make sure it goes past your knees and ties at the waist. One to stop the draft from creeping around your middle and two no one wants cold legs. It will also add structure to your look.  

Should the coat in question not come with a belt, then you can always add a contrasting one for added interest.

Of course, this isn’t the be all and end all to layering. You could always add a roll neck jumper under that summer dress, and a pair of thick tights with some biker boots. Just make sure that you buy a size big enough to fit those thermal socks in.

Furthermore add a fur Gillett over the top of the dress for an evening look, rather than layering up with a long coat, which over a longer dress can look a little Victorian.

Thinking about sportswear this too can be doubled up during the winter months. Moreover, who said you can’t wear it on a day to day basis just by adding a couple of items such as that longline coat and a scarf it gives a whole new look to a simple gym outfit.

layering 2


layering 3

layering 5

layering 5

Whatever you do, wear the lightest piece at the bottom and work your way up to the thickest. And don’t forget a hat and scarf to add that extra detail which will also ensure that heat is kept right where it should be.

xx Sarah xx






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