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Kat Von D – A Palette for this season


Kat Von D – A Palette for this season

Kat Von D – ‘Shade + Light’ contour quad eyeshadow palette

Is an absolute must for this season as lilac, purple and plum shades will feature everywhere. 

Something that is, to be honest, a light relief for me!

Having pretty dark eyes can be an issue. For some reason, a lot of eyeshadows particularly shades of brown can wash me out and make me look as though I have not slept for a very long time 🙁

 My daughter who is (30) years my junior can put every shade there is going on her little eyelids, but sadly I can’t

 I must admit she does it with some much more skill that I ever did.

Okay, maybe the array of makeup available has somewhat changed over the years.

Along with being able to access every tutorial under the sun, however, that still does not detract from the fact that the pigmentation of her eyes is different to mine.

Kat 1

So what’s a girl to do?

Seek out shades that complement your eye colour as well as your skin tone.

Don’t just go out and stock up on what you already own, try and think outside of the box.

And this palette has it all for me as a basis to build upon. By which I mean it can be used as a subtle daytime palette or it can be utilised with the darker shade

for a take on the smoky eye. Although with only four different shades, they are there to complement each other.

So bring on the matt palette.


I also like the fact that this palette has no shimmer.

Although I do like a bit of shimmer, too much can lead to eye makeup overload.

 When your eyes don’t hang the way they did 10 years ago it is best to air on the cautious side…


 Kat 3

Next time you are on the hunt for something a little different maybe. Don’t be put off by a product that is part of a famous Tatoo Artists collection, especially if you are in my age bracket and you stick to your trusty brands.

Step out and live a bit.

Be like Kat, and showcase your own individual style.

You never know you may find something you will wear over and over.

Pallet contains:-

Base, Define, Contour, Highlight

I purchased mine from the lovely beauty assistants in Debenhams Birmingham, but it is available elsewhere. Although It may be a good idea to go along and check it out for yourself. You never know what else you may be tempted to purchase.








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