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John Lewis – The Night Before Christmas


John Lewis – The Night Before Christmas

We all love a good Christmas Shopping Spree.. So 

♥ The John Lewis Christmas Event was nothing short of wonderful ♥

I mean who doesn’t love wondering aimlessly through an array of spectacular Christmas Decorations. If you  are anything like me you love decorating your tree. It’s that one thing that you can add as much glitz and glamour possible without the comment “What was she thinking” !


Do you go out each year with a different colour scheme in mind. Have you redecorated,  and your current box of decorations looks a little worn and tired. I have done just that so having this opportunity gave me the inspiration I was looking for to wow my Christmas Guest’s with anticipated gasps of wonder. Well I can live in hope…

Whatever your reason’s John Lewis have some wonderful treasures for your to admire for years to come.


Their theme falls into seven Inspirational Themes inspired by Fables and Traditions




A traditional collection, showcasing stories of beliefs and communities. Inspired by hand painted ceramics and striking embroidery. Think log fires and festive cottages, each with their very own frosted wreath. Hear the children laughing and playing in their brightly coloured attire whilst you huddle around a log fire encased in warmth. Added to this is the addition of Teal and Gold to add a depth of magical shimmer.

John Lewis – Folklore



A Mixture of traditional warm hues, encased in the nature of the Hylands. Think natural rustic decorations, to encase your home in the depth of tradition. Think Pine cones and Acorns. With rustic undertones accompanied by reds and golds. This would be welcome in any home that would fit well among the roaming Hyland.


John Lewis – Hyland Myths





Think Ice Bar’s and Polar Bears and you will get an idea of the shades this theme comes in. Cooling Blues, and glistening slivers are the main focus. Described as Boutique Glamour for those of us who prefer something a little more modern, yet still eagerly awaiting spotting Santa being pulled along through the crisp, pure snow. With snippets of tradition engulfed in hues of gold and blues. Giving this theme a most elegant feature.


John Lewis -Winter Palace



The secret garden comes to life with these Christmas Decorations. A story could be created with each chosen piece to capture the imagination of  those little ones. This could be passed from generation to generation.

Think Fairy’s and Enchanted Woodlands, each one with their own characters and special place on your tree and in your heart. Think woody greens, alongside delicate slivers of pinks. 


 John Lewis – Into the Woods





If bringing Marrakesh into your home with its array of spectacular colours is your thing then Tales of Maharajah is right up your street. This collection could transport you into a daydream of wonder-lust, with its gloriously rich and bejeweled spectrum of colour. Here you will find, Lions, Tigers and Dancers adorning the branches of any spectacular tree.


John Lewis – Tales of the Maharaja




This festive array of decorations gives you the option to decorate your halls in hues of  the rainbow, whilst adding the little Lama Ga lama Character. The decorations that complete this theme are joyful and bright. Ensuring that even the darkest winter day will be surround with fun and wonder. They will ensure your guests smile whilst wanting to explore all that you have dressed your tree in. 


John Lewis – Lima Llama




A simple yet effective tree filling collection of brightly coloured baubles. Ranging from the staple Red’s to the more modern twist of copper.


John Lewis – Mitsuko






Whilst thinking about Copper and its popularity this year, I came across a very beautiful array of lights which hung from various strands, doing away with the annual untangling battle. The fine wire adds a delicate touch to any tree, and with only one plug required with so many lights what’s not to like about this set.

Led White String Lights



If your feeling a little more adventurous, and are also partial to being a bit of a techno wiz then look not further than the Twinkly LED Christmas Light Set. These lights come with their very own APP ! I know crazy, but after seeing them demonstrated I am sold. These lights can be controlled from your Smart Phone ! You can change the colour, the tempo of flashing and they can even switch themselves off. You could even time them to your favorite piece of music if you really wanted to show off your skills.. 


Led Christmas Lights

After all is said and done, every tree in every house is unique, and that’s what makes decorating it so much fun. It showcases each families personality, and tradition. Happy Decorating 🙂


S xx





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