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Jeans Edit – Part Three – Man’s Shirt

Shirt 6

Jeans Edit – Part Three – Man’s Shirt


Outfit Hack Alert…Borrow a Man’s Shirt

Or go to your local charity shop and pick up one that you can own for next to nothing.

I actually did that a couple of years ago, and proceeded to cut it across the shoulders, then added a bit of elastic, and hey presto I had a Bardot top which cost be around £3.00


In fact, why even stop at Men’s shirts, I mean their trousers look pretty good too. And as they tend to wear a whole array of colours, your summer wardrobe may cost a whole lot less.

Apparently, the test to see if they will fit is to put the waistline around your neck. If it touches at the back then they will fit. Not sure how true that is!

May give it a go, I will let you know.

shirt 2


And of course, as trousers now come in all lengths you could always roll them up for a summer vibe with a pair of pumps or sandals.

After a recent visit to Primark, it was noted that the men’s shirts are sitting on their shelves for as little as £ 6.00. Now I kid you not £ 6.00. That little number would work great with a sequin skirt tied with a belt around the waist for a sassy little number. Or as a cover-up over swimwear whilst on holiday. Or even with a great pair of jeans tied at the waist. 

I styled a white shirt in my post Alternative ways to wear the white shirt. And of course, if the shirt is long enough why not wear it as a dress with a pair of over the knee boots, or pumps, or flip-flops depending of course on the event or occasion. 

Shirt 5

Photography by Amie Thomas


Shirt 4

♥So come on lets branch out a little and raid our local charity shops. They won’t know what’s hit them, and they will be so thankful for your donations. ♥

Or next time your Dad, Boyfriend, Husband, Flatmate blah blah is having a clear out, grab them quickly and give them a new lease of life 


xx Sarah xx

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