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Cruising is it the way forward ?

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Cruising is it the way forward ?

A cruise was never my idea of a holiday if I am completely honest, but then again nor was Las Vegas and look how that turned out.

But I suppose the idea of being able to visit a number of places over a short period of time is a great idea.

As I am not familiar with the concept of booking various aspects of cruise travel separately we opted for a package deal. This deal included return flights to Palma, Transfers, All inclusive on the Ship and four nights in Palma, Bed, and Breakfast at the 5* Gran Melia Victoria. All for the sum of £ 1768.00 per person.

If you have ever done a cruise you will very quickly realise that you should:-

Never have a room without

A) Any windows, and

B) At the bottom of the ship.

As they are very noisy and dark. Also if for some reason you fall out with your holiday companion you don’t have any space between you at all!

Being an All Inclusive cruise, you are immediately enticed into upgrading that to Premium, which means another £ 50 each, and entitles you to a wider range of alcohol, but that’s it to be fair.

However, I wanted a particular Rose Wine with a meal which I had to pay for!

If you want to go into various other restaurants you have to pay a table charge, and this has to be booked in advance. This charge ranges from £ 20 – £ 30 per person, which I believe is standard for most cruises.

Although we were informed that there is WIFI on board it doesn’t really work unless that is you pay for it. At a cost of £ 50 for 5 days its pretty expensive. (Watch out though if you stay logged in it eats your data allowance) and as I needed WIFI for my Instagram I had no alternative but to pay it.

Cruise Silver 1

I was relieved though that I didn’t get seasick, although I did find taking travel sickness tablets did make me a little drowsy which was probably a blessing for those on the cruise with me.

This, of course, meant that as we traveled to each destination via a coach I was half asleep, which also meant that I found it increasingly difficult to listen to what the guide was saying.

Another tip I will give is not to bother packing a tuxedo for Captains Night, as this ship does not hold that event. I would check your ships Itinerary prior to packing.

Having said that there was an evening when everyone was invited to dress their best, which meant I was able to wear the dress I had purchased for that occasion. 

One thing I will say is that I am so glad that we booked the few extra days in Palma at the end of our cruise, just to rest if nothing else, as Cruises are so tiring.

Cruise Silver

I chose this Zara Dress mainly because I didn’t want to take a long dress. I wanted something that would be utilised in various different ways.

Knowing that maybe I could wear this undone over a white vest top, a pair of jeans and some white converse. Or it could be worn as a jacket over a fitted black dress. Either way, it will be used again, whereas If I had gone for a long gown it may well be in next years charity bag.

I must admit though that I did find packing for the cruise a little difficult, so I increased my luggage allowance, and I took a carry on.

I also have to allow for my camera and lenses. Traveling light has never been my thing. I am endeavoring to get that sorted in the foreseeable future. I think it is also down to the fact that because I live in gym clothing a lot of the time when given the opportunity to dress up I will grab it with both hands.

I did attempt though to ensure my footwear was kept to a minimum along with any evening bags and accessories. My little backpack was my daily bag of choice. 

Cruise Spot


cruise shoes


Dress:- Forever Unique



So my top tips for cruising …

  • Make sure you pack comfortable shoes that are already worn in for all of that walking you will be doing.
  • Take a wrap for over your shoulders in case you visit and churches or area’s that require you to cover up.
  • Make you sure check that all historical places you wish to visit are open and that you can get a ticket there. Otherwise get one online before you go.
  • Look at all of the costs involved with your cruise, not just those can see on face value. This includes eating out when you are on various trips, wifi, upgrades, holding your room for longer at the end of your holiday.
  • Try and book an extra few days in the resort that you end your cruise in. You will need it.
  • Be prepared to get up each morning at 6.30 am to be on the coach for 8.30am.

Happy Cruising… 


Sarah xx

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