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How to wear Leopard print and look classy


How to wear Leopard print and look classy

One of the things that come to mind when I think about Leopard print is Bet Lynch.

For those of you who don’t know who she is, I have linked her Wiki Page Here. Bet Lynch wasn’t her real name it was her Character. And let’s face it to much overload on the old Leopard Print front can make us feel a bit like a caricature of ourselves. Although I am sure some of us may well relish in the thought of having an alter ego. Especially when faced with situations that take us out of our comfort zone, I am sure being likened to Bet Lynch or Pat Butcher for that matter may not be ideal. Be interesting though to hear what you would call your Alter Ego. 

Print 1

Anyway, I digress. But that has given me food for thought with regards to another blog post 🙂

So as you may have gathered now Leopard Print, and many other types of animal print are big this season. I for one love them, although I do air on the cautious side. So I thought I would share some of my advice when it comes to purchasing those A/W pieces

Print 2


Print 3

First one, of course, don’t go all out. There is nothing worse than being head to toe in one whole look. You may well get that bit of attention your alter ego desires, but I hasten to add it will be for all the wrong reasons. And someone may well ask you if you have escaped from the local Zoo. Ha Ha

Always pair your items with something simple. For example, I recently wore a Leopard Print Blouse from New Look, but I paired it with a pair of simple black trousers. This not only made the blouse stand out for the right reason but the look remained classic.

My third tip would be, not to pair a print with red. That is unless you wear a red lipstick with a natural makeup look. Now I know there is a certain friend of mine who will be shaking her head at this comment because she loves Leopard Print and Red, and putting them both together is her dream outfit. 

So please, remember whatever I say, YOU DO YOU…

 That is so much more important.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, and really want to try this trend but you’re afraid of someone saying, You know who you remind me of !! Well then just add some accessories to your current wardrobe. Maybe a small pair of earrings and a belt. Or a little clutch bag. You could even layer up a jumper by popping a printed blouse underneath.

You really don’t have to pull out the full animal attire, just a little pop will add enough fun to ensure that you enjoy your clothes this season.

Print 4


Print 7


Print 8










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