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How to Rework that Party Dress


How to Rework that Party Dress


Photography by Amie@lxa

Party Dresses can be an expensive purchase for women, but what if we were to rework them…

We spend most of November searching for that unique find

We trail the shops, make numerous online purchases, which we consequently return,  just to wear something that will make us feel a million dollars.

I know I am so guilty of that. This year though I actually found a dress that I fell in love with, prior to the high street stocking that glitz and glam… You can read all about that in my post Party Dresses



However, as I was ill at that event, I decided to treat myself to a new purchase for another event. Despite the fact that…

I already had an array of outfits desperate to be worn.

dress 1









So what’s a girl to do, buy another one, although I must admit I was pretty smitten with the frock I rocked from Coast! And it was half price, so I got a good deal really. Or so I keep telling myself!













That, of course, got me thinking about how I could utilise and rework some of the dresses that lay collecting dust in my wardrobe.

dress 2



Do you remember Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City? She wore her best clothes every day, and to be honest we could too with a little tweaking of course.

So I am going to show you, and guide you in the art of how to rework your party dresses. Maybe it will give you a little inspiration, and we will see women wearing what they really want to wear. Those clothes that make them feel feminine and beautiful every day.

Not just when you are dressing for occasions, once or twice a year.


Take this outfit for example..

dress 3











The dress I purchased from New Look for the over 30’s blogger awards evening I went to with my friend Tracy.

To be honest I think the dress was a little low and I don’t think I will be wearing it as a dress again. However, instead of throwing it out I could utilise it and wear it again.

All I did was covered up the top part with a black shirt which I tied at the waist, added some black tights and a leather jacket. 









Of course, I could also have added a pair of converse, and a baggy black jumper, scarf, and hat. 

Then I would have had another outfit. Or maybe a gold jumper and a pair of gold heels and handbag for drinks with friends.

dress 4



So a word of encouragement…

When you look at your wardrobe after December and your thinking I really do need some new clothes. Look at what you already have and how you can add to that to create something unique. Don’t be afraid to experiment. I mean we are all different and our style should showcase our personality. So go on break some rules, save some money and buy the things you really love that you will never grow tired of

S xx


Credit for the photography goes to Amie from

10 thoughts on “How to Rework that Party Dress

  1. Teaming it up with the Jacket really works well Sarah, and your right I have a wardrobe full of clothes and never wear them. Sure purple at work think I only have the same few outfits lol.

  2. Such a good idea! I always buy dresses that I never wear again and it’s such a shame – they just sit in a drawer somewhere. You’ve definitely inspired me to have a go at restyling!

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