How to make a house a home

How to make a house a home

Having moved house often over a short period of time meant that I was continually turning a house into a home. To be honest one of my dream jobs would be to work in interior design. Or at least to help people with their decorating schemes. Growing up not only did my Mom contribute to my love of clothes by way of annual shopping trips but also to my love of interiors. Why, well because she loved to decorate, and dress a room. My Mom has a gift when it comes to Interiors, as she is able to foresee how a room could look before she has even begun the process of stripping the previous wallpaper off the walls.

To my Dad’s dismay on one occasion the Wallpaper lasted all of a week before it was taken down and replaced!

So what basics did I learn along the way, from my Mom, and what can I hopefully pass onto my own daughter when she embarks upon moving into her first home?

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Put your heart into it…

I am a firm believer that when you walk through that door at the end of the day you should love your surroundings. Your home is not somewhere that you just rest your head, but it should be a place of fun, calm and peace. That isn’t down to the decor but it’s down to the love that has been poured out inside those four walls. It should be a place of love, hope and joy. 

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Have an open door policy… 

There is nothing better than having a friend drop by, only to find that after a few minutes their shoes are off and their feet are up on your sofa as though it were their home too. I think how we welcome people into our home is a reflection of how we welcome people into our lives. We should always have a kind heart, and be open to help anyone in need. I would like to think that my friends always feel welcome in our home and that it is a safe and loving environment.

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Don’t be to hung up on perfection…

No house is perfect, all walls have bumps and bashes. Woodwork often needs repainting, and carpets could do with a spot of stain remover in certain area’s. This is something I have had to learn isn’t really that important in the grand scale of life. I have lived in properties that had no kitchen and gaping holes in the floor when I had a newborn and a toddler. I have searched second-hand shops for dining tables and ate my dinner off a washing machine in the middle of my lounge floor. But I always loved being at home, because my heart was in it.  

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Make your Home Comfortable…

Nobody wants to turn up at your home feeling like they are visiting the dentist. Although your items may be precious, don’t be too precious about your items. If you have lovely pieces of furniture that you don’t want hot cups left on make sure you have coasters to hand. Have a couple of soft throws to hand that can easily be snuggled up in too, and ensure your guests know that they can help themselves to your tea, coffee, biscuits or wine if the occasion requires.  

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Clean, Clean, Clean…

In light of the phenomena that is Mrs Hinch, the nation has gone Cleaning Mad. As someone who is known to suffer a little from Anxiety, I have always found it therapeutic to Organise and Clean. So much so that I once organised my CD’s by Male/Female/Band and Musical Catagory! Yes maybe that is a little extreme, but what about your fridge, and cupboards. How clean is your bathroom?

Do you have hand soap and a fluffy towel for your guests to use? Do you hear yourself say often, I need to clean this place because I will not answer the door if someone drops by? Well, I am sure we have all been there at one time or another. However, if you know your home is clean and tidy you will be able to relax more in your surroundings, therefore making your house a welcoming home.

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♥Let me know what tips you have for making your house a home ♥

xx Sarah xx


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