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How To Adapt Your Workout Wear Into Street Wear

How To Adapt Your Workout Wear Into Street Wear

Well, the other bright and sunny Sunday morning I was actually sat up in bed chilling with a coffee and a bite to eat instead of contemplating a workout.

Not my usual Morning Stance, I mean by the pure fact that I was still in bed was remarkable. I just don’t do that! Sorry to admit but I am a morning person.. please don’t hate me 🙂

Although I am desperately trying to work both ends of the daylight spectrum but failing miserably.

I was never one for returning after a night out at 4 am.

In fact, the only time that I have done that was last year on my trip to Ibiza!






You see maybe 5 days out of 7 I go to the gym, and then a couple of evenings a week I may attend a class. My workouts vary from running to weight training to Zumba. This then means that I spend a lot of time in workout clothes.

Workout 2


To be quite honest it can also make you quite complacent when it comes to your appearance.

Sloth I think springs to mind. Me that is not you 🙂


Workout 4







Following a conversation with a good friend of mine, I discovered that this feeling was quite usual. The friend in question also said that although she has three wardrobes full of clothes she doesn’t wear most of them.

Asked what she wears to go shopping on a Saturday she said, oh joggers, trainers, and my old t-shirt.  









Now I gasped and gave a little roll of the eye, but to be honest, I too can fall into the category of taking the easy route. I mean let’s face it Saturday Morning Gym, Jump in the car drive to shops, spend the morning trying to hide red sweaty face and bad hair.

Workout 5







So what can we do?

 Well, I guess after your workout there is no time go back, shower, put on a full face of makeup and get dressed in your finest, especially when you either in a Fitbit challenge or your steps for that day are just not adding up quick enough. This I may add is a real, and challenges are serious business 🙂 





 Well, I am hoping that I can inspire you a little.

For a start off wear a cap, I know but hear me out. A cap will give you the ability to ensure none of your hair is actually touching your face or your neck. Thus preventing it from sticking to your forehead. Get my drift? Of course, you can then add a little dry shampoo just to spruce it up a little.

Workout 6 

Adding a touch of mascara will also help along with some lip balm. In my opinion, I would not bother with a foundation as your face really doesn’t need anything that could potentially clog your pores. Maybe a little SPF instead. Add a light fragrance to make you feel a little more feminine.

Make sure that you always wear plain black bottoms, seam-free if possible. Any other times feel free to sweat in your finest rainbow ensemble.

Then of course layer up, in maybe a dry fit top. Something that will absorb moisture. Change your trainers into something a little less workout gear like these grey leopard print pumps, add a scarf, cross body bag and of course a long line coat. This will detract from the fact that you still have your sweaty leggings on.

Workout 7


Workout 8


♦ Photography: Amie@LXA ♦


Coat: Vila Coat (Similar)

Bottoms: New Look (Similar)

Top: Gap

Scarf: Asos



2 thoughts on “How To Adapt Your Workout Wear Into Street Wear

  1. Sarah, I try to visit the gym up to 5 times a week and when I am not in the gym, I tend to jog. I never look as chic and put together as you do in your lovely photos so you have given me some goals to work towards.

  2. Thank you, that’s a lovely thing to say. It’s quite difficult when you have been sweating it out. But if your anything like me, once you put some everyday clothes on that you love you then feel a whole lot better. It’s just finding what works for you x

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