How to adapt your summer wardrobe for autumn

How to adapt your summer wardrobe for autumn

I wanted to share with you how I adapt my summer wardrobe and past years pieces for Autumn as I quite often get asked the question, do you own all of those clothes? Well, the answer to that question is yes I do.

Did I buy them all this season or even this year, No I didn’t. Even though I have a love of clothes it would not be right for me to continually purchase new clothes.  

Now, I do purchase some new items, and I utilise other pieces  I have kept in my wardrobe knowing that one day they will come in handy.

Unfortunately, on occasion, we may well purchase something new, and when we get home it doesn’t quite look the way we expected it to. We are reluctant to take it back because well one day it may look great. Yeah, who are we trying to kid?

Well maybe you are right, maybe that long pleated skirt can work right now, for this Autumn along with those Dr. Martin Boots you kept from your youth.

I don’t know if you remember but last winter I wrote a post on how to adapt your Party dress.

Well, the same principle applies. So this Autumn I want you to think outside of the box. Hopefully, this little post will inspire you to dig deep and sift through those sad and lonely items desperate for a new lease of life.

Autumn Wear Skirt

Right, well let us start with the pleated skirt. No longer is it just for the office, but this little gem can be worn in so many other ways. Put it with a pair of ballet pumps, heels, or trainers. And throw on an oversized jumper. Now I can bet most of you will have some of these items in our wardrobe. But have you ever thought of teaming them together?

 The Pleated Skirt.

I purchased it from River Island some 4 years ago. The bag a couple of years ago, so all that’s new this year is the knitwear and the shoes. And I knew that I already have the odd jumper flying around and maybe a pair of knee length boots I could have used to give a different look.

Autumn Wardrobe Skirt 1

Now the shoes can be used in so many ways.

Put them with a little black dress, wide leg trousers or even a pair of black jeans, and you will get your wear out of them. However, like any trend maybe don’t spend a lot of your hard earned cash on it.

The high street is full of affordable pieces to add to your wardrobe to give it a bit of life.

 We have established how that you can re-work that pleated skirt, and if you don’t have one and fancy entering into that trend there are plenty on the high street. Some of them even shimmer!

Here I have given another example of wearing the shoes with another outfit. These pleats are actually in the form of culottes. I have broken this look is broken up with a belt that complements the theme. 

Autumn Black

(This Dog was so cute)

So I bet if you look in your wardrobe there is the odd little black dress that just feels drab, well get it out and try it with maybe a patterned scarf, a different pair of heels, or a cool piece of jewelry.

Autumn Black 1

 The blouse

I am not sure if I have mentioned this but I started work in the mid-eighties! Now during this time, the best workwear was a Next suit and a blouse.

There used to be a store in Birmingham called Next to Nothing which was as it says on the tin, all of Next’s end of lines.

This was a great place to shop and it was so affordable. However, all female office workers of the 80’s appeared to look the same. So blouses could be deemed as a little dated. Well not anymore!

Autumn Blouse

I for one love blouses and I am so thankful that they are back on the high street this Autumn.

If you check out some of my previous posts you will see that I have incorporated them on a number of occasions. Yet to be honest I have always found them to be a little safe maybe. Maybe a little frumpy too. I suppose because even though I love them, I still associate them as a being a bit 1980’s.

Autumn Blouse 1

So get out that blouse and toughen it up. Now I always tend to dress it with a pair of trousers as I think putting it with a skirt makes it a little 9-5, but that is just my opinion. You do you 🙂 

To be honest there are so many beautiful blouses on the high street that would look great as part of your workwear too. Mainly because the patterns have a bit of life in them at the moment.

Autumn Black 4

Okay, so I have applied the same principle here. Black jeans, shoes and a cute blouse. I also tend to tuck in my blouse as it gives definition to your body.

Jeans are always great mid-rise as their neither make your bum look big or cut you off just below your spine.

This style tends to suit most body shape to be fair. Primark does some great relaxed fit jeans at the moment too. I wore some recently on Instagram with a chunky knit from River Island. 

Autumn Blouse 5

Blouses are great for layering too. Pull on a bit of knitwear and ensure your cuffs are showing. This will add immediate interest to any sleeve. You could even pop a little cami underneath or a bralette for an evening look.

And I bet you have a pair of pumps in that wardrobe of yours too

Autumn Brown Skirt

Now take this skirt as an example, if you follow me on Instagram you will see that I previously paired it with a pair of heels and a gem bustier.

This season though I can wear it dressed down for Autumn with a pair of pumps and a tee.

Even throw on a jumper or leather over the top. I am so glad that I kept this skirt from Zarat as satin skirts are really on trend this season. 

I also love to pop a jumper on over a summer dress, with maybe a pair of ankle boots. So why not give that a go? Or even team a chunky knit with a slip dress and some converse.



Autumn Skirt 7

All I would say is have fun with what you have.

Hunt around in those charity shops for men’s jackets and cord trousers. Don’t be afraid to enter into fashions unknown. You may just pull something out of the bag that you never even thought was there. You are in unique. Wear your best clothes every day, and be confident in them.



xx Sarah xx


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