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Hot Chocolate. The Nations Favorite Winter Warmer


Hot Chocolate. The Nations Favorite Winter Warmer

Hot Chocolate, just the thought of it transports you to another dimension.

Whether that be a cozy cafe filled with Christmas Shoppers or an afternoon spent relaxing by a log fire in a country pub.

I mean, what’s not to love about Hot Chocolate. And if you’re really brave and don’t mind adding a few hidden calories. There is always the options to enclose it in some double cream, marshmallows, and a flake.

So with all of this in mind, I decided that this Christmas I would go on a mission. 

I would put myself through the difficult task of seeing what’s on the market and if anything can actually live up to cooking up a calorific storm from scratch.


chocolate 1

Come to think of it, these can make for a very sumptuous Christmas Gift, in the form of a Hamper.

And of course a little bit of edible glitter only adds to the decadence of this delicious  drink.  

I mean lets face it, everyone loves a little sparkle over Christmas 🙂


I did discover that whatever you purchase make sure the product is as natural as possible. Meaning the cocoa percentage is the highest possible. You will thank me for it. 


chocolate 2




But no matter how hard you try, you really can’t beat the authentic taste of real CHOCOLATE, encased in warm milk, and complemented with undertones of  cinnamon and vanilla. Topped with double cream and popping candy, for the more adventurous hosts.







And of Course if you wanted to Serve this at the end of an evening soiree

You could always add your favorite tipple, whether that be a drop of Drambuie, Rum or a warming liquor..

♥ But whatever, or however you decide to make the Nations Favorite Winter Warmer, it always needs to be made encased in love ♥


chocolate 3


♥♥I hope this has encouraged you to give be open the door to childhood memories, and wow your guests over this festive period ♥♥


S xx

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