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H&M must have summer dress

H&M 1

H&M must have summer dress

 H&M is definitely ticking all of the boxes when it comes to summer pieces.

There is something quite playful about a floaty number, especially one that skims the knees.

This cute little dress is something you could get away with wearing for a pub lunch, afternoon tea, or even a wedding.

To be honest, I was never a big fan of pink until recently. Well not on me anyway. One can only assume it was due to the fact that I did one of those colour wheel evenings when I was younger. And being told that I am on the autumn spectrum of the wheel meant that I should stay away from colours associated with spring or summer. Have any of you ever done one of those, only to avoid a whole range of colours?

 That is why I have never worn red lipstick

H&M 2


Well, all of that is about to change, because guess what I now know what does and doesn’t suit me regardless of what the colour wheel says 🙂 I also believe that if you told the younger me what colours to wear right now I would probably laugh. Strange how much we conform to unnecessary nonsense.

I also know that these shoes are a great buy. And providing I don’t walk in any puddles I am sure they will last me for years to come. Sometimes it is wise to invest in some classic pieces. Ones that you know you will be able to pull out of the bag on a regular occasion.

I recently purchased a black pair too although from H&M and I know they will be a staple piece to my wardrobe over the current season.

Of course, this pretty little H&M dress would look equally as good with a black leather jacket and ankle boots during the chilly end of summer. Which I may add is looking pretty fine right now. Funny though isn’t it that no matter how good the weather is we still expect a little bit more.


H&M 3


 Photography By: Amie Thomas

H&M 4

H&M 5

H&M 6



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