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Galentine’s Day – Showing your Friendships some Love


Galentine’s Day – Showing your Friendships some Love

I must admit that Galentine’s Day is not something I had ever heard of before.

The date in case you wish to pencil it in is

February 13th

I started to think about the pressure single people could be under at that time of year.  

Having to have that significant better half can be a little distressing and tiresome on February 14th!

 I quite like the Idea of celebrating friendships in the form of Galentine’s Day. Well because I value my friendships. And to be honest, not everyone that is partnered up has a romantic spouse, do they? To be quite honest most women can feel a little deflated when there are zero romantic gestures thrown their way at Valentine’s, no matter what kind of brave face they put on 🙂

So after a friend of mine put a Facebook post stating that she would be eating Pizza and Watching Netflix on Valentines Day, I decided to put together some idea’s for us gals. That would encourage us to celebrate Galentines.

Single or otherwise attached there is still reason to celebrate friendship, who better to take inspiration from 

The one and only Ultimate Friendship Squad

“The Sex and the City” Girls.

So here are a few idea’s that might kickstart that planning.

Organise a Galentine’s Party

The ultimate Galentine’s (Sex and the City Girls) knew how to throw a party or two, and quite often there were no men in sight. Well for all of them except Samantha that is !!

Now for this, I would make it a little special and send out a few invites, giving, of course, the Place, Time and Date. Along with instructions to bring their favorite PJ’s, and Fluffy Slippers. 

Ensure that you have plenty of nibbles and of course those all-important cocktails, add maybe a hint of sparkle. Lakland does a fabulous glitter, and a tiny sprinkle goes a long way! 

Grab a hydrating sheet mask and a good old fashioned girly film. 

Galentine's 7

Spa Day

This may be an obvious one to some, yet I overheard someone the other day, say that they had never been to a spa in their life!

Now in light of the fact that most hotels tend to house a spa, and of course do special deals through sites such as Groupon I am sure if you get on the hunt now you will find something to ensure that you are pampered and preened to near perfection 🙂

And what’s better than sweating it out in a sauna with a bunch of your besties x

Galentine's 6

Afternoon Tea

Now by all account Afternoon, Tea’s can be a little hit and miss. And I do think that you have to check out the advice that other customers have left from previous visits. However, there is something wonderful about being oh so British, putting on a little tea dress and drinking from a China Cup. A fabulous place I visited last year was The Edgbaston Hotel. Their afternoon tea is second to none. The array of cocktails on offer is also somewhat special.

You could always book a room, spend the day wandering around the vast array of shops on offer in the nearby towns and villages. The Cotswolds is always a winner in my eyes for days like these. One of my favorite places there is

 The Bell in Stow

If an afternoon tea isn’t quite your thing then why not get yourself some Earl Grey Maybe, A pile of Mags and run yourself a sumptuous bubble bath. Or put together your own afternoon tea. You can find a vast array of China Tea Sets in Charity Shops, then all you need is a few bottles of prosecco, scones, and cream…

Pub Crawl

Okay, I can almost hear you say under your breath… Did I just read that right! Yes well by Pub Crawl I meant to find some great local bars in your hometown. Some that maybe play a little live music, offer some street food, and away you go. Quite often there are some great places just around the corner that we don’t even know they exist.

I know one of these for me was Digbeth Dining Club, which now hosts its own 1920’s cocktail bar. Just check out your local whats on guide, and I am sure you will come up with some great places to visit.



galentines 3



 Now if you had asked me a couple of years ago if this would be something I would have liked to have done the answer would have been NO WAY !! However, a weekend away in the country with log fires, dogs, and hot tubs is now right up my street.

What’s the saying “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it” 

Well, my friends and I embarked on a weekend glamping in a tiny little wooden house complete with its own little kitchen, beds and of course the all-important hot tub. 

We put together a list of who would bring what food, although we ended up with more bottles of Prosecco than food which we shared the first night we arrived. The second evening we found a lovely country pub where we had a fab meal.  In case you want to check them out this is the link x Tiny Wood Homes x

Galentine's 8


Learn Something New Together

 Now a while ago I started doing Dressmaking, and although I have learned a new skill I have also made some lovely friends. One of the things that keep us young is being creative, and to be honest I always said that I wasn’t creative, which of course isn’t true at all.

One of the most lovely things is helping each other be creative and my friends at Dressmaking really do encourage me to have a go at making anything I want to. So go and do a pottery class together/ jewelry making/flower arranging, it doesn’t matter what it is friendships bond when you help one another. 

So for that reason, I am also going to suggest that maybe instead of going to a class together you could help each other sort something out. Maybe you have a friend who just wants to make her kitchen a little more homely for whatever reason. Get your gals together and go round their and help her with your overalls on and paintbrushes at the ready.

 This list is by no means everything and it isn’t regulated to only occur on Galentine’s Day.

All friendships need feeding and watering, its what keeps them alive. And if you are struggling with your friendships, or have recently moved to a new area and just want to connect with people, there is a great app called Bumble, which may appear to be a dating app, but it is also somewhere that you can connect with people. Oh, and women can only approach men!

Galentine's 9

Why not send a Galentine’s Card to your friends telling them why they are a 

Special Friend

♥ Remember not everyone that is in a serious relationship is happy. They may appear full of romance and dreams but the reality may be somewhat different. So if your friend comes across a little smug cut her some slack because you just never know what goes on behind closed doors. And to be quite honest being single on Valentines Day is far more of a blessing than being in an abusive relationship, whatever form that abuse may be ♥

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