Friendship – #Brumblogmas Day 11

Friendship – #Brumblogmas Day 11

Friendship is one of those things that I am very blessed with.

I have to say though that my friendships have developed somewhat over the past few years. 

I am sure if you look back to your youth, the friendships you held dear then, are not necessarily the same ones you protect today. However, I am very fortunate that living in what once was a small village has meant that I still have friends that I’ve know since I was 5, yes 5. That means that I have known them for 45 years.




Saying it like that is somewhat alarming, and forces you to put into perspective your age, and how your life has developed over the years. This development includes friendships of course.


One thing I will say though is that friendship doesn’t just happen.

You really do have to put yourself into the lives of others. By that, I don’t mean force yourself upon people like some crazy chick. But develop interests maybe that will, in turn, reward you with everlasting friends.


I for one have over the years have made new and everlasting friends by way of a school playground, a Zumba class, my local beauty salon, a menopause group (that myself and my friend started), my dressmaking classes and now the blogger community. 

Yet we have to remember that not everyone throws themselves into chatting with random people at various gatherings. And it’s not always easy to be the new girl on the block. But everyone needs friends. From the one you met on a blind date (your then boyfriends worked together), to the one you met through chance.


So just remember next time you’re already part of something and someone new walks in. The could become the one friend you were meant to have by your side xx



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