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Florence A Romantic Dream

Florence Main

Florence A Romantic Dream

Florence has always been on my list of places to visit, and to celebrate 10 years of marriage there was a dream come true.

Paul and I had recently been on a cruise which covered some of Italy including Rome and Pisa, yet I still wanted to see more.

 What better place to go than The Capital of Tuscany Florence. Fortunately for me, Paul had organised this trip as a surprise. Flying into Pisa Paul arranged private transport to collect us from the airport.

Good job really as it can get pretty confusing finding your way around the back streets of this beautiful city.  Hotel Brunelleschi was to be our home for the next few days. This hotel sits right in the heart of the city.



Amazing location for those wanting to stay somewhere beautiful which is also filled with its own bit of history.


No trips, walking tours or guides we booked as we just wanted to relax and soak in the whole ambience of the city. Fortunately, our driver had extensive insider knowledge of the city being born and raised there. On our journey he chatted about trips out of town, restaurants to visit that were not in the centre of the city. 

We decided not to plan anything, and just go with the flow

But we did do the following, and maybe this will give you a little inspiration as to what to do when you have nothing planned. If that makes sense 🙂

We took a hike up to Piazza de Michelangelo during the day. We returned that evening with a bottle of Rose and some plastic cups from a local supermarket.



The views from Piazza de Michelangelo are spectacular. If you want to park yourself on the steps to watch the sunset get there really early.

 So worth the climb up to the top as the sunset is beautiful, great place to propose too 🙂


There is also a rather nice cocktail bar/restaurant behind Piazza de Michelangelo which we didn’t try but I

will definitely when we return.

Florence 1

florence sunset 1


Florence Sunset

Photography: Paul Cale

We also spent lunch in the Piazza Spirito. Lovely place for a spot of people watching that isn’t overcrowded.


Wander across the Fiume Arno where Florence has its Jewellery stores. You will be treated to street music later on in the evening and a wonderful atmosphere.


Book dinner at the  Golden View. Grab a window seat and watch the sun go down. Whilst sipping on a spectacular Cocktail.

Florence View

We also found a couple of other great little places in Florence. One was Simbiosi which offers organic pasta and vegan. They also have a really cool interior which can only be described as an eclectic mix of funky old items. Their choice of music is 1920’s which adds a certain quaintness to this restaurant.

If you are into music and particular records there are a few great shops filled to the rafters. In particular, one called Move On which has an outside seated area, indoor bar and record shop with a DJ on the 1st Floor. Great place to chill and browse around. They also have an online shop.

One tip I will give is that if you want to look around the main area’s of Florence such as the Cathedral and the Piazza del Duomo then go early morning or as the sun begins to set as it is in a large open area which can be hot high season. The streets are pretty cool in comparison as the building give a fair amount of shade.

Florence Statue


Florence Bulding

Florence building 1


Florence Merry


Florence shop

Florence View


Florence Art

Florence Water

Florence Cafe

Florence is definitely a city I will return to in the future, as there was so much more to explore. And of course, you can venture out into Tuscany to experience the whole Italian Experience. Maybe hife a Fiat 500, or a scooter. Now that would be fun x


Florence Scooter

Florence Views

Florence Man

Florence Wall art

I hope this little feature has inspired you. During a recent cruise, I also visited the following, Corsica, Palma, Rome, Monaco, and Pisa.

I have written a short post about each one of them if you would like to take a look.

Sarah xx

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