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Five key trends to invest in now for A/W 18

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Five key trends to invest in now for A/W 18


Now I know what you’re thinking A/W 18 really.

I am only just getting over the hot flushes caused by the heatwave that we blessed with this year.

Now you want me to think about warmer clothing. Well not exactly although maybe now is a good time to invest in a great Winter Coat, or maybe even send last years Coats our for a Autumn spruce up. And make sure those jumpers are bobble free. I totally get where you’re coming from, yet we all know the high street has different idea’s and being prepared ensures that you get the best out of whats available before your best mate nabs it.

Anyway, this little post should send a bit of inspiration your way,  so that your courage to do a little wardrobe detox increases. Go on pack away any summer holiday items, and have a sort through of anything you didn’t wear to make way for new and exciting pieces. 

So what are the KEY TRENDS

A N I M A L    P R I N T

Yes, you may have already guessed this one. We all have the right to do our best Pat Butcher this season in the form of Animal Print.

Some of you may have loved this trend even when it wasn’t really a trend. I know I have one particular friend who could possibly dress to impress in full print for a whole week with the pieces she already owns. Now if to much makes you feel a little mutton then just go for a statement pair of heels maybe alongside a simple black dress. Or add a leopard print belt to the waist of a jumpsuit or baggy knit. But however you feel about this trend the high street is full to the brim from earings to coats, so go ahead and do your own take on this trend and

Let your inner animal immerge




W E S T E R N    P R A I R I E    B O H O

Now one thing I always think about is colour when it comes to the wild west. And to be honest I love Autumn shades and this trend screams Autumn to me. Along with Poncho’s, Wraps, Fringing and maybe even a little tapestry.

One thing I do struggle with though is the whole cowboy boot situation. Yes, I think they are amazing and looked really great on Daisy Duke, but their Cuban heels just remind me of an old boss who always wanted to be an inch or so taller. He was a great boss by the way 🙂 One way you could mix this up is by adding a floaty boho dress in with the mix. Maybe then add a little layering in the form of a poncho.



Now I love silver, and to discover that it is in this season from now it a dream come true. In fact, I managed to purchase a lovely silver dress for the CRUISE I recently went on. Last year I purchased a really cute pair of silver shoes from Zara along with a couple of silver bags.

I do think this colour is so versatile. It can be matched with almost any colour except maybe brown. And even if you’re not ready for full-on sparkle, why not just throw on a little bit in the form of knitwear like I did here.

Or even grab a glitzy bag and sparkle whilst doing your weekly shop.

a/w 18 silver



C H E C K   /   T W E E D

I hate to say this but I am not a fan. Although this was a trend last year I did manage to enter into it with a fabulous coat from Top Shop, but other than that I did struggle. I went down the check trouser road but I am afraid that although I styled it up, I don’t think I will be partaking this season. However, for those of you who love a bit of tweed or check then your on to a winner. 

You will A) already have a stash from last year B) Be able to discover great second-hand finds C) be in your element on the high street.


Finally, well for the moment anyway Leather has to be one of my Autumn/Winter wardrobe staples. Of course if leather is out of your budget you can always go down the manmade line. Patent leather is also going to be big this season and in particular dresses. I for one will have to air on the cautious side with this trend and ensure I keep it as simple as possible if I was to invest in a leather dress. I am sure that many of us will already own a pair of trousers, so make sure you utilize them this year. Don’t just save them for drinks at weekends but add a knit, or a hoody and a pair of chunky trainers for a street style.

They are a great alternative to up your gym wear to day wear game as well, helping to go from working out to daywear.

Other trends we will be seeing are

 Shearing – so don’t throw out that pilot jacket just yet. With this trend think Del Boy, a 1970’s retro piece would not look out of place. In fact, they are being layered on top of puffa jackets on the catwalk.

Pleated skirts are also a must, and of course, these can be made a little harder around the edges by teaming it with that pilot jacket, or vintage leather, and a pair of Dr. Martin boots. Now if you fancy a pair of original’s check out Portabello Market, and Camden.

Finally, well for the moment anyway I have to say there will be a lot of cords. Now, this takes me back to the Fame 1980’s college scene, and to be quite honest I do slight like it. If only I had kept those wide leg flares with the side pockets.


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