Personal Style and Colour Analysis

Wardrobe Edit, Shopping, Events


1. Personal Style and Colour Analysis Experience

Styling Process

Any experience should be joyful. You should go away from it feeling as though you have had the best time ever. That you have discovered so much more about yourself, and be armed with useful information to give you the confidence to develop your styling skills.

That’s is why my styling experiences are fun, relaxed and practical, with the opportunity to build a real relationship with me as your stylist.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

A 1 on 1 personal styling experience should be available to all women. Quite often we spend our lives never really knowing what suits our body shape and our personality. We will ensure that we have the right hair cut and colour, or the right make-up for our skin tone, yet the idea of dressing for who we are falls by the wayside. Maybe it’s time for that to change, and I would love to help you develop the art of dressing for you.

What You'll Learn

A personal styling experience will be time spent working with who you are as an individual. I will discover your body shape and how your body parts determine your profile.

I will also assess your style personality. What style of clothes suit you as an individual. We will begin to look at your characteristics’ heart. What makes you unique. And how the clothes you choose can enhance your authentic self. We will also run through your very own colour analysis.

Following this, I will send you a personalised style pack filled with tips and tricks while inspiring you with ideas for wardrobe heroes to fit in with your style, colour, and body shape DNA.



Personal Styling Experience – 1.5 Hour Session – £ 120.00

Pink converse - style

Your Closet

2. The Wardrobe Audit & Overhaul

Wardrobe Audit Process

After our initial contact, I will provide a questionnaire. The questionnaire will give me an insight as to your needs and expectations for the wardrobe edit. It will also allow us to get to know each other a little before the experience.

We will either meet at your home or over Zoom (depending on the current situation and your preferences)

I will work through your wardrobe with you and show you which pieces work well for your body shape and style personality.

I will explain how the remaining pieces will work together to form daily outfits.

You will be provided with a list of pieces to complement your existing wardrobe along with a complimentary mood board that will visually break those items down.

During my visit photographs can be taken of the outfits put together with the pieces in your wardrobe. These will also be sent to you with the mood board.

I will give ideas on how to sort your existing wardrobe during this experience, making it more serviceable and enjoyable to dress daily.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

Maybe you have fallen out of love with those pieces that you once treasured because a) they no longer fit or b) they don’t complement your lifestyle.

Do you have that many items, so when you try to get one piece out becomes a workout, so you wear the same 20% of your wardrobe time and time again?

Would you like to feel as though your wardrobe is an extension of your personality, and the pieces all compliment one another so that you no longer waste your precious earning on those erratic purchases?

Maybe you plan on downsizing your wardrobe space, and the need for a capsule wardrobe has become a priority.


What You'll Learn
  •  To dress for your body shape, style personality, and know which colour compliment your skin tone.
  • To purchase items that will enhance your wardrobe instead of cluttering it.
  • To feel more confident in your clothes.
  • To have a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle and makes dressing every morning a pleasure.
  • Looking in the mirror will now give you the smile you so deserve.

This experience can be extended from half or full-day should you require my assistance in sorting your wardrobe. This extra experience will include emptying the closet. Going through each piece and deciding whether it fits your body type, style, personality and lifestyle. We will then put back the clothes that will build the foundation of your wardrobe.

I would recommend that full-day is broken down into two half-days as it can be a little overwhelming. 

This package includes the Personal Style Assessment unless the client does not want this part of the experience. 

Price – £ 240.00 for three hours.

           – £ 300.00 for four hours.

Additional time after the four hours will be charged at £60 per hour.

Should two days be booked then a discount will apply to the second day. Please contact me discuss.





3. 1on1 Shopping Day!

Shopping Trip Process

Following a brief chat over the telephone and a completed style assessment, we will initially meet and discuss your expectations over a quick coffee, as well as taking the opportunity to get to know one another a little more.

You may decide that you don’t want to purchase anything on the day but just want to build your confidence to shop alone in the future.

Or we will encapture your shopping requirements via your budget and wardrobe needs.

Personal Shopping Objectives Covered

  • Seasonal Pieces
  • Workwear
  • Wedding Attire (Bride, Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride or Guest)
  • Holiday Shopping
  • Wardrobe Staples
Deciding If This Is Right For You

Does the thought of shopping fill you with dread? Is it one of your least favourite pastimes because you just don’t have a clue where to start. 

Well, that’s where my personal shopping day experience will change all of that. It will give you a spring in your step when it comes to looking for new pieces to add to your beautifully curated wardrobe.

What You'll Learn
  • How to shop with confidence.
  • Where to shop for your body shape and style personality.
  • Purchase items that will become a wardrobe hero that you will continue to love for years to come.
  • How to not get drawn into buying for the sake of buying.
  • To purchase items that will work with your existing wardrobe and lifestyle.

Personal Shopping experiences –  2 Hr time slots – £ 180.00 (Within a 15 mile radius of Birmingham City Centre)

For a bespoke shopping experience, please contact me to discuss.



4. Online Shopping Experience

Styling Process

This process includes gathering information and establishing the clients brief via a telephone/zoom call, along with the completion of a client questionnaire.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

Sometimes it isn’t possible to meet in person to find those specific pieces, or the thought of trying on clothes in a changing room isn’t really what you want from your personal style consultant. 

Maybe you have a black-tie event or a wedding to go to, and you are struggling to find the time to source your outfit. Or you have had a wardrobe edit experience, and you now need some pieces to fill those gaps. Then a virtual shopping and online styling experience would be the answer.


What is included

Once all of the information has been gathered, and research has been carried out, (which may include a style personality experience) a bespoke style board will be sent to you, the client, which will include Brand, Price and links. The design and products details will depend on you the clients shopping specification. 

When you have received the items, we can meet over Zoom for a try-on session.

Hopefully, this will fill you with excitement, and it will take any stress out of organising your outfit. Leaving you to enjoy the event, knowing that you look fabulous.



The cost of this experience including the try-on session is £ 100.00 with a maximum of 5 items being sourced, and half an hour of try on.

Should a more bespoke service be required for additional items being sourced, please contact me to discuss?

Other services

5. Events/Social

Events/Social Process

Do you fancy doing something different with your girlfriends, rather like when you were younger, and you would have fun dressing up?

Then maybe a personal styling party would be just the ticket. We can work through a choice of the following:-

  • Body types and your style personalities
  • Colour analysis and how to dress to enhance your skin tone.
  • How to curate your wardrobe to enhance who you are.

This experience would be suitable for a minimum of 5 people.

If you have a group of ladies interested in a styling workshop or an event, please contact me to put together a proposal that will suit your requirements. 

Prices start at £ 25.00 per person 


Starting price £ 25.00 per person (minimum of 5) – Maximum time 2 hours.

Radius 10 miles from Birmingham City Centre.

Get in touch to arrange a consultation?