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Corsica a hidden Gem

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Corsica a hidden Gem

Corsica is one of those places that you just fall in love with. Much the same as how I felt about Croatia. It is filled with wonderful landscapes and cute cafes and restaurants, serving the most delicious array of food.

Bustling little shops and hidden doorways, not to mention historical stories to keep your attention.

corsica tower

My visit here was during my recent CRUISE, so my stay was very limited.

however, It had such an impact that it may well be on my list of places to revisit. That is the great thing about cruising, you can discover those places that you will wish to return to without spending a whole weekend there in the first place.

We docked in Propriano, which was lovely. You didn’t have to take a trip out if you didn’t want to, as there were lots of pretty places to visit on shore.

cruise shorts

 We decided to take the Seaside Campomoro Trip.

Campomoro is a beautiful little seaside village, filled with character and wonder. If you are feeling energetic you can take the hike up to the 16th Century Genovese watchtower, which was built to defend against pirate attacks. This was our choice, and although it was extremely warm the views were magnificent once at the top.

We were also treated to a guide who knew his history and had his own stories to tell.

Corsica Doorway

Corsica 3

Out of all the places, I visited this has to be one of my favourites. I guess I am a sucker for natural charm and peaceful villages.

Corsica Tourist Information

Sarah xx

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