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Cords, and Corduroy a fun addition to this seasons wardrobe

Cords 1

Cords, and Corduroy a fun addition to this seasons wardrobe

If I had been told last year that this Autumn/Winter I would be wearing Cords, my reply would be


Being a child of the seventies I grew up with colour coordinated outfits. I especially remember a burgundy pair of cords with a polka-dot blouse.  The trousers were more often than not flared with side pockets. Or to explain further pockets on the side of your trouser legs. I suppose now though that would be a great design feature.  And, of course, having additional pockets every blogger’s dream.


To see cords appearing on our high street once again fills me with a little good life inspiration. I am sure Barbara Good would look amazing in these pink cord jeans from Miss Selfridge.

I am not sure if I would be able to pull off the whole corduroy co-ord though. However, if your feeling that vibe then there are some amazing pieces around at the moment. And I am sure if you wanted to jazz up your work attire a little two-piece suit in a natural shade would look great with a pair of patent masculine shoes.

I suppose its a shame really that I have no need for this kind of outfit anymore. Although maybe I could be persuaded to pair a cute Cord Blazer with a floaty dress and a pair of pumps.

 Whatever style you choose to purchase ensure it is something that can work alongside the rest of your wardrobe. There’s nothing worse than spending your money on an item to find that it doesn’t work with more than one piece.  

Let’s face it style changes every season so we need to purchase wisely.

cords 3

Cords 4


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