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Christmas Decorations on a Budget with BrumBlogMas


Christmas Decorations on a Budget with BrumBlogMas

Christmas Decorations are the treasure our trees adorn once a year

Although December is more than dreary when it come to the Weather 🙁 Our streets are lined with copious amounts of decorations, and bright lights, that can be seen adorning our horizon.

From the climbing colourful Father Christmas to the twinkling array of colour co-ordinated spectacular lighting shows.

Each year our social media is filled with photographs of Christmas Trees decorated with Royalty in Mind

 Gone are the Snowmen that our kids proudly produced after a day spent doing Christmas Art and Craft. And we are no longer satisfied with using the dusty old box that sits in our loft space eagerly awaiting its annual release.

Instead we pressurise yourselves into believing that Christmas isn’t Christmas without the enormous expenditure.

So for this very purpose I thought I would take a look at what is available and how we can dress our tree for less.

Before we begin though I have to be honest and say that I was never one for creating home made masterpieces. Unfortunately my creative mind does not stretch to a visit to the local craft shop, and I doubt it every will.

So where to go and what to buy..

Well let’s be honest there are plenty of shops and department stores that offer for a start off a building block of bauble sets.

But for the purpose of this post I am going to focus on what Amazon has to offer. And maybe this will inspire you to look at things from a slightly different angle.


I always think that if you start off with a good tree, you can’t go far wrong. There is nothing worse than a tree with sad looking branches, and the snowy effect only add to the season’s splendor. This tree can be found here:SNOWY CHRISTMAS TREE 

Next we need some lights.

I did some amazing ones on a recent visit to John Lewis, and if your budget can stretch to them I do think they would be a great investment.

One of the reasons being that you only need one set !

Anyway you can read about them and all of the other amazing decorations that have on offer in this post. A Night Before Christmas.

 I have come up with the following various decorations. I hope you will enjoy for years to come and maybe,  have enough cash left over to treat yourself. 

A hot mince pie and marshmallow coated hot chocolate always goes down a treat this time of year.



Fairy Lights

I always think its better to have a soft glowy lights as they don’t look so stark. The also add warmth to which ever room you choose to display your creation.


Christmas Bauble Set


Love this set as it contains not only baubles but various other decorations and the all essential metal hooks. 


You could then build your collection of special pieces over a period of time. Adding in maybe a few bits of tinsel, a star, or angel on the top. A complete look for under £100.00





♥♥♥ Remember anything you no longer love, someone else may do. So pass on your treasure with Love ♥♥♥ 


♥ If  only I could add a little festive music to this post to help you get into the festive mood ♥

S xx

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