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Can you heal your Autoimmune Disease

The short answer to the question can you heal your Autoimmune Disease is NO But I firmly believe you can TAME it! So first of all what is an auto-immune disease? Your body’s immune system protects you from disease and infection. But if you have an autoimmune disease, your immune system attacks healthy cells in your body […]

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Viking Digital Photography Masterclass

I was recently privileged to attend a photography masterclass event in association with Viking and Elouisa Georgiou at Dirty Martini Birmingham Upon arrival, we were handed a very nice bellini and introduced to Elouisa. I must admit that I was grateful to also meet up with some fellow Brum Bloggers.   We were initially given a briefing on […]

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Seedlip – My new non alcoholic drink

I first discovered Seedlip at a Flock & Form event in Birmingham. As creative minds gathered to share an evening of fun, we were treated to a cocktail making lesson with a difference. That difference being that the Spirit being used was Non-Alcoholic. Now for those of you that like a tipple or two, the […]

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What to do when you hit 40

Turning 40 was not something I relished. In fact, I dreaded it, and almost had a meltdown. As my birthday is 1st January there wasn’t really any time to prepare for this milestone. One minute I could envision cheering in the new year, and the next minute being threatened with the bumps. And let’s be honest […]

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