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Just a little page, to showcase what I love, would like to purchase, and may even do so. Encouraging you to do the same no matter what your age xx


Accessorize – A Treasure Trove of Delights

 I was recently privileged to spend an evening with Accessorize (Bullring, Birmingham) To be quite honest the only time I have spent browsing Accessorize has either been to purchase a pair of flip-flops or to pass the time at The Airport. So let me tell you something! I WAS PLEASANTLY SUPRISED This High Street Gem is […]

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How To Adapt Your Workout Wear Into Street Wear

Well, the other bright and sunny Sunday morning I was actually sat up in bed chilling with a coffee and a bite to eat instead of contemplating a workout. Not my usual Morning Stance, I mean by the pure fact that I was still in bed was remarkable. I just don’t do that! Sorry to admit […]

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