Build Your Autumn Wardrobe

Build Your Autumn Wardrobe

Wardrobe Clear out as October is in full flow, and Autumn is well and truly here.

The Sale Items have disappeared from the High Street and have been replaced with a more richer pallet of colour 🙂

One of the main shades to have hit our High Street with an overflowing flurry is Mustard.

I don’t mean that horrible yellowy sickly colour, but a vibrant deep glow. 



Okay stop right there.. Do not go and purchase a whole host of items with this shade in mind !

Follow this pattern and you won’t be throwing out this Autumns Ensemble next Spring 🙂


The first thing I do it have a good clear out… Yes I am slightly obsessed with having tidy wardrobes, draws and cupboards. Why pay for items only to find that your treading on them in a couple of weeks….

Maybe pack away some of your clothes you know you won’t wear until your next holiday, beach day or festival

Then sort though all of your Jeans, Jumpers, Boots, Blouses, Skirts, Jackets and Coats.

Try them on, making sure they fit right and hang correctly…

Hint:- Only do this with your heating off 

Pit aside anything you are unsure of into three piles

Charity Bag

Ebay/Depop – Or have a clothes swapping night with the girls

Things you love, but need other items to make them work

Next look on Pinterest – There are so many idea’s on how to style your outfits, save your pins that maybe are similar and could work with items you already own

This will give you an idea on how to mix and match, and what items you may want to purchase to get the most out of other items you love, but don’t really have anything to go with them.

Also # some idea’s on Instagram that relate to what you already own

Once you have all of this sorted, make sure non of your clothes need washing as they can go a bit smelly if left lying around all summer

Create a photo file within your phone and take a snap shot of each item, or maybe items together so that you don’t forget what you have.

Fold or Hang them in Colour/Item Type Order in your Wardrobe/Cupboard

Go out armed with a list of items, for when you hit the shops that will work with your current wardrobe.



  Sticking to a colour palette. And build a staple wardrobe. You won’t be drawn into purchasing items covered in, flowers or any other pattern which quite frankly will grate on you after a while ! 


To help you build that wardrobe I have put some items below which may be of interest.

S xx



For more idea’s why not check out my shop page

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