Best High Street Winter Coats

Best High Street Winter Coats
Photography: Amie @lxa_team


Winter Coats are everywhere

If you are anything like me, you will already have a wardrobe full to the rafters of Winter Coats. One that extends beyond a normal space and breaks out into every nook and cranny of your home.

Well I thought I would throw a “spanner in the works” and entice you into purchasing even more of a cozy collection for whatever eventuality springs to mind

My initial inspiration for this post came from a visit to “Primark”with my 20 year old daughter

I must admit it isn’t my usual destination of choice, however on this occasion I was surprised with the purchase I managed to bag. And it even had Millie’s approval !

I didn’t get the usual comment of “No Offence But” or “Do you really need another one of those”

So I knew I was onto 


Grey Coat



Coat Side View


Coat Off


 Bottom of Coat

Coat: Primark

  Jeans: Zara

Jumper: Asos

Bag: Chloe

Why not step off the predictable winter coats ladder and doan a vinyl trench. Not only will this look really cool with a great par of Jeans, but will also make that little black dress a bit edgy for Winter Drinks with friends ! And it’s lined so you won’t be sliding around inside it 🙂

A cape that is cut in the shape of a waterfall, and being a fleece material will keep you cozy in front of those afternoon tea log fires. Why not layer it over a jumper dress or even a turtle neck.

Puffa Jacket at ASOS is Something I know I would get an enormous amount of wear out of. Whether its being thrown on for a trip down to the gym, or keeping warn on those brisk dog walking mornings.


Top Shop Rain Mac£ 49.00


This rain mac is so cute, and guess what its machine washable!! Reminds me of something you would throw on when your about to board your little sale boat down on the coast.. Rather a little retro find too !



Shearling Jackets are everywhere this season, and I think that this is one of the best I have seen on the high street. Looks excellent quality as well as being a little oversized. Always useful when layering up on those extra cold mornings.
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