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Beauty Product Shopping Makes Me Despair !


Beauty Product Shopping Makes Me Despair !

Following a recent visit to a rather large department store I decided that shopping for Make Up and Beauty Products was beginning to get really disheartening 🙁

If your anything like me, you love to try out a new eyeshadow, or maybe give yourself a pick me up with a luminous foundation, but have no idea where to start ? So you make your way to a department store with an element of beauty product adrenalin pumping though your veins.

You may head to your tried and tested brand or venture into the product abyss.


Gone are the days of 5 different cosmetic brands to choose from !


According to the Business Insider there are 182 Beauty Brands Owned by 7 Major Companies




Proctor & Gamble


Estee Lauder Companies

Johnson & Johnson



According to BeautyPackaging.Com  L’Oreal made $11.3 billion dollars in 2016



So does it really matter what I think of the way in which beauty products are sold today?

Well yes I think it does, and I also think its important for you too. You see apparently we have more disposable income than our younger generation, and therefore hold more buying power !

More often purchasing a new cosmetic is often a treat. Its not like buying your regular deodorant or shower gel. Although for some of us this may also be a luxury purchase depending on your budget. 

And even if your budget isn’t that great, may I suggest you take a look at the vast array of body products TK Maxx have to offer.  These often last a whole lot longer than our mass produced brands.


So why then do I feel as though it isn’t.

Why then do I feel as though I am really not important as a customer. I am shall we say past my prime. Let’s face it my skin isn’t young and plump any more.  My eyelids don’t sit where they used to.

Quite frankly I no longer feel the need to dress to impress when shopping.

In fact I am quite comfortable trotting around in my gym gear. I really don’t have the time or patience to go home, wash, dry, straighten my hair, and slap on a whole load of make up. Which, I may well have to re-apply a few hours later, when I venture down the pub.

I mean, I’ve had years of experience trying out different creams, foundations, eyeshadows, lipsticks bla bla bla, to be able to offer something of substance.

So why does it appear that the ladies who once adorned the make up counters seem to be extinct. I would love to be served by someone who is able to offer me advice on which product will reduce my bags. Oh, and I don’t just mean dark circles. I mean the shopping bags that hang from my eyes. And someone who can sympathise with the fact that I cry all to often, now that my hormones want to leave my body. So the best mascara to stay put would be…. I am sure you get my drift..

So what do I do to make sure I only purchase those Beauty Products that will work ?

I watch youtube video’s, and lots of them. However, I will add that I tend to watch individuals who understand my trials and tribulations. Someone that know I couldn’t do a winged eye if my life depended on it. Because my eyelids are a little stretched, and I would just look like I had been on the wine prior to my attempt.

These youtubers have many years experience. They will not make me feel inadequate because I don’t want to contour my face to oblivion. Or add highlighter to the extend that I can be seen across a dark room. They will show me which products will give me a youthful glow. That its okay to just use two shades of eyeshadow, and that if you look crap in any other colour lipstick than nude, that that’s fine too.

So I  will link those I love to watch below, because I like to Share 🙂


 Pixiwoo (Sam & Nic Chapman)

Their video’s range from Dramatic Evening Make Up Looks to Youthful Day Look, with the emphasis on Youthful ! I love their fun and enthusiasm, along with a warmth that makes you feel as though you know them.  Being above the age of 30 gives you the encouragement to “Give it a Go” knowing you won’t look like a clown at a kids party.


Wayne Goss – Goss Makeup Artist

I love the fact that you can message Wayne with a make up request and a few weeks later a youtube video appears.

He has so many years experience and has tried and tested ever product there is going. I also love the fact that he will try out the products on himself, so you can see exactly what he is trying to explain.

I recently saw a Twitter Quote By La Bronze James – @jackieaina

“I would love to see more 50+ age ladies emerging on YouTube doing in-depth skincare reviews, can you imagine the knowledge/expertise !!

So listen up you Beauty Companies, and all of you buddy Youtubers. You can do what ever you want regardless of your age as there is a market for everyone.


So listen up, and take a step our of my step-daughters book.. No matter who walks through the door for a pamper or a preen, they are made to feel as though they were the only client who had visited her that day. Regardless of their age, social status, or requirements, so treats them all with a smile and chat that can only make you leave feeling as though you are important.

I will therefore be trialing and testing various products, and I will let you know if they are worth the money for those of use who are in our shall we say prime !

S xx


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