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Adding a bit of Shimmer with No 7 Glamorous Nude Eye Palette


Adding a bit of Shimmer with No 7 Glamorous Nude Eye Palette

No 7 Have my vote with this Palette 

Why you may ask, I mean in your post all about the Kat Von D Contour Palette you said that you are not a big fan of shimmer!

Which I suppose is true to a certain degree.

I will endeavor to explain my case…


First of all, let me give you a little bit of history as to how I acquired this palette…

During the latter part of last year, I was privileged to attend the Over 30 Blogger Awards, which were created by Thirty Plus, and in association with Boots No 7

I also got to meet some wonderful bloggers, who were both inspirational and encouraging. They were Catherine from Not Dressed as Lamb who won the most addictive Blog. And Nikki from Mid Life Chic who won the Award for blogger of the year!

I also got to meet up with some of my fellow ♥ Brum Bloggers ♥ Beauty Drama Queen and Beauty on Review

Anyway, as part of this wonderful evening, we were given the opportunity to have a browse through all things Boots No 7. At the end of the evening,  the palette in question was gifted to us.

So hence my reasons for originally giving this palette a go. However, I discovered the following along the way.

Although I am not a big fan of heavy pigmentation. The reason for this is because my eyelids now contain some wrinkles. Which means that when I apply a pigmented shimmer shadow it just sits in the creases.

 Even though I do think that heavy shimmer can look amazing, I can no longer wear it because it ages me… I know sad but true 🙁


Palette 1

What’s a girl to Do ?

Well, that’s where this palette works pretty well. As you can see the shades are very subtle and natural.

Which mean’s that if you have smoother eyelids than me you will be able to build each colour with maybe a little more depth. Yet if you haven’t you can still add that light reflecting sparkle without the caked look.

These shades work pretty well with any eye colour too, which makes it an extremely good buy. I love to add a bit of sparkle under my eyes on an evening out, and this makes me feel as though I haven’t  overdone it, as it adds a little bit of feminine subtlety.

Palette 2


Shades consist of varying nudes from ivory to peach and golden browns.

Complimenting one other. That’s not to say you can’t build it up into something quite dramatic if you so wish xx

Anyway if you would like to have a browse and maybe purchase it for yourself I have placed the link below.

  no7 glamorous nudes eye palette


Sarah xx

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