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Accessorize – A Treasure Trove of Delights


Accessorize – A Treasure Trove of Delights

 I was recently privileged to spend an evening with Accessorize (Bullring, Birmingham)

To be quite honest the only time I have spent browsing Accessorize has either been to purchase a pair of flip-flops or to pass the time at The Airport. So let me tell you something!


This High Street Gem is a treasure trove of delights.  I don’t think I ever realised it until I was able to leisurely work my way through every little nook and cranny of the store.

 Did you know that they sold the cutest stationary, or underwear? That you can get matching scarves and handbags, I bet you didn’t 🙂

accessorize 1

I mean where else can you do that?

They have every colour under the sun where handbags are concerned. So for that upcoming Wedding, Engagement, Garden or anything else party, you are bound to find that special bag to complement any outfit.

They also stock some really tasteful Hen Party Parafanalia, and let’s face it that’s something we would all like to see more of!

Accessorize 2

And to top it all the staff in there are wonderful. Kind courteous and helpful which goes a long way in this day and age!

It was quite apparent when chatting with the staff that they love their jobs, and are dedicated to the Company.

Accessorize 3

One of the reasons for this is that Accessorize/Monsoon are a British Company. They opened their first shop in 1973 in London. The first Accessorize opened in 1984.

It was and still is owned by Peter Simon, who began his career as a Market Trader.

Accessorize then floated on the stock market, however, Simon paid £ 185 million to make it private again!

Although the fact that Accessorize is such a great store, what makes it more appealing is that in 1994  the Monsoon Accessorize Trust Registered Charity was set up to help underprivileged women and children in Asia. 

Accessorize 5

Monsoon is also a corporate member of the Ethical Trading Initiative. 

 Each area also raises money for Charities that are close to their hearts. More companies should partake in doing this.

Their products are hand designed, and I think this shows enormously. The print design is so detailed that quite often some of their pieces could be mistaken as a designer item.

 Swimwear and underwear are great items to look out for. Their sets are really delicate and feminine.  Of course, they have a wonderful jewellery section which also carries hair accessories.

Accessorize 6


So if you’re up for a bit of a hunt to treat yourself, or maybe you have a couple of parties on the horizon, a holiday or even an event why not pop into your local store. Not only will you find something you will love, but you will also be helping someone else by assisting the great charity work they do.

Add some new items to your existing wardrobe to give it a little more interest, whether it be that a scarf to brighten up your Spring TRENCH  

Come to think of it, Mothers Day is just around the corner and they do have a great selection of bags. The kind that could fit a kitchen sink in it!

xx Sarah xx








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