A day in Pisa leaning against the tower

A day in Pisa leaning against the tower

Our recent CRUISE made a stop off at the Marina di Carrara, Italy for tours of Florence and Pisa.

We opted for Pisa as we will be visiting Florence during August to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. During our Cruise, we also visited Rome, Corsica, Monaco, and Barcelona.

Marina di Carrara is a modern seaside town resort. To be honest, when the ship docked here we did just have the opportunity to get off the and explore the local area. However, never one to just sit back and relax we decided that seeing Pisa would be a better idea.

  Although looking back now and discovering what this little town had to offer with its museum, and original Roman Street plan maybe staying put wouldn’t have been such a bad idea.

As with all of the tours on this trip, there was a fair journey to Pisa. However, we had a guide who was full of knowledge. The only thing I found a little difficult was that we were given radio’s to listen to throughout the tour which made it extremely hard to hear what our guide was saying.

One thing I will say is that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is not in the center of Pisa so once you have visited the monuments within the area there is nothing else to do except drink coffee and eat ice cream.

Pisa 1

pisa 3

And of course when in Pisa it is a good idea to grab that fun photograph

of either holding the leaning tower in between your fingers or holding it up. Although you will have to fight your way through the crowds to be able to get the exact position to be able to frame that photo to perfection. I opted to do a simple photo showing my gormless face checking out the how much the tower leans 🙂

Nether less the small Cathedral is pretty special and full of intricate details to amaze. As per all of our other trips, it was worth doing as part of a cruise rather than for a whole weekend.

Pisa 4

Pisa 5

Pisa 6

Pisa 6

To be honest this trip could have been organised by way of grabbing a cab and booking your ticket online. Then downloading information to take along with you. Rather than trying to understand your guide through a radio. 

Top tips for Pisa are to make sure you cover your legs and shoulders.

Although even if you forget a cover-up you will be handed one upon entering the Cathedral. And watch out for the street sellers they are persistent. Any sign of interest will ensure that you are kept talking for a lot longer than you would want to be.

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I hope my little blog has helped, if you have any questions please drop them below and I will do my best to answer them.

Sarah xx


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