5 Beauty Products I am loving at the moment

5 Beauty Products I am loving at the moment

Beauty Products are in the Eye of the Beholder


I bet your thinking isn’t that Beauty and not Beauty Products 🙂 Well yes you are right, however don’t we all have a difference of opinion when it comes to the good, bad and the ugly. Are we not swayed by packaging, and promises of eternal youth ?

Anyway, I try not to be swayed, although sometimes I fall short of the advertising trance. 

And because of this I have sourced 5 great products that I wanted to share with you..


♥ By Terry – Terrybly Densiliss Concealer ♥

This Product Comes in 6 difference shades.   I purchased this in Shade 4 Medium Peach, as I do prefer any colour that goes under my eyes to be a lighter shade that my skin.

This product goes on so well, doesn’t clog and gives a smooth finish. Only a tiny amount is required which means that although it is on the pricey side it will last a long time.

By Terry Concealer


♥ Becca – Backlight Priming Filter ♥

As my face was looking a little tired, I really wanted something to give it a filtered lift. Something that would give a youthful glow. This product had been raved about so many times on various Youtube Video’s that I decided to give it a try. I must say that I have not been disappointed. It goes on beautifully, and gives that extra sheen where it’s needed.

I only tend to use it on the softer area’s of my face, such as cheeks as I didn’t really want an all over glow. It can also be used on a makeup free face for a little pick me up. Maybe after you have been to the gym or even after a late night.

Priced at £ 32.00 – Not cheap, but then it’s not high street, so you will pay a little more.

Becca Priming Filter


♥ Autograph Hydrating Confidence Boost Foundation ♥


This product by Marks and Spencer does exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak. If you anything like me the thought of trying out a new Foundation is a little scary. I did use exactly the same product for a number of years. That is until my daughter told me I should venture our a little and try something new.

Well since then I have been through a few products, and I have to say I am impressed with this one. It gives a really lovely dewy finish to the skin, whilst holding onto any other products you may adorn your face with. I also like the fact that Marks and Spencer allow you to peruse their products in your own time, whilst trying out the samples as you go along. 

Just remember though, try it on your neck or your wrist not on the back of your hand. And go outside with a mirror to check it out in daylight before purchasing.

Not a bad price either at £ 16.00. I chose the shade Medium Beige.

Autograph Hydrating Confidence Boost Foundation


♥ Charlotte Tilbury – Beach Stick ♥

Okay maybe the title is a little more spring/ summer than autumn, but who doesn’t want to look like they have been on a short trip across the water to sunnier climates no mater what the weather is doing here. I first found this product when it was given to me for my birthday in a special additional Charlotte Tilbury gift set.

I absolutely love this product as you can control exactly how much you apply and where you want to apply it without looking like a 1980’s disco ball. Yes it add’s that bit of shimmer  to those cheeks, but it also gives a really youthful look. 

You can purchase this in most department stores that stock Charlotte Tilbury, and it’s priced at £ 30.00

Charlotte Tilbury – Moon Beach Stick


♥ Daniel Sandler – Watercolour Liquid Blush ♥

I first saw this product being used on a YouTube video by the lovely Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo.( Pixiwoo Youthful Makeup Tutorial). As it is very liquid and not something I have ever attempted to use before.

Having said that because it is such a gently product you are able to build it up gradually without having the need to wipe of any over used products. Something I tend to do when the lighting isn’t the great, only to be told by my daughter when I am in the car, that I might want to rub in my blusher a little more !

Anyway, this product comes in some amazing shades. I opted for Rose Glow, and priced at £ 16.50 its well worth it x

Daniel Sandler – Watercolour

I hope you have enjoyed reading this little post, and it has inspired you to maybe add a couple of items to your Christmas Wish List 🙂

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S xx


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