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Month: September 2018

Fashion Lifestyle & Travel Wellbeing

What to do when you hit 40

Turning 40 was not something I relished. In fact, I dreaded it, and almost had a meltdown. As my birthday is 1st January there wasn’t really any time to prepare for this milestone. One minute I could envision cheering in the new year, and the next minute being threatened with the bumps. And let’s be honest […]


Cords, and Corduroy a fun addition to this seasons wardrobe

If I had been told last year that this Autumn/Winter I would be wearing Cords, my reply would be NO WAY JOSE! Being a child of the seventies I grew up with colour coordinated outfits. I especially remember a burgundy pair of cords with a polka-dot blouse.  The trousers were more often than not flared with side pockets. […]

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